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Governor Glenn youngkin almost since he won the election last year. And more and more, he seems to be embracing it. He's new to politics, but there's growing speculation that Republican Glenn youngkin may ultimately run for president in 2024. The Washington Post reports youngkin flew to New York last week to meet privately with GOP mega donors, and next week, youngkin will headline his first out of state political events since taking office with an appearance in Nebraska. He was asked by Fox News whether he's considering a run for The White House and youngkin replied by saying we'll see what comes next. Youngkin became a national figure after winning the governor's race in Virginia, a state that went for President Biden by ten points. Nikkei Nellie WTO P news. Our election 2022 coverage continues now on WTO. One of the Democrats running for governor of Maryland puts an emphasis on public safety and policing. Doug gansler, who previously served as the state's attorney general, says funding the blueprint for Maryland's future and education reform plan is a priority. Well, we have a lot of money right now. Excess money, and I think there's no better place to put that than in public safety and in education. Chancellor a Democrat also wants more training in the area of mental health for police officers. Part of my plan calls for hiring 1000 new police officers, making sure we bridge the trust gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve. On the economy, I am very interested in making sure businesses thrive. Public transit should get more attention, says Chancellor on plans to replace the American legion bridge and add toll lanes. No one likes to pay tolls. But he adds, I mean, the American legion bridge has to be rebuilt. As far as adding a span to the Chesapeake

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