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The new south korea says north korean leader kim jong gruden plans to shut down the country's nuclear test site in may the seoul government also said kim plans to open the process to experts and journalists from the us and south korea officials at andrew jackson's historic home in nashville say the seventh presidents tomb has been vandalized howard could tell says the damage was discovered friday black and red spray paint to spray the covers of andrew and rachel jackson's graves symbols of anarchy and obscenity so at this point we have covered out of reverence to the jackson's and so our our guests art expose to it as well president trump stepped up his criticism of democratic senator jon tester for his role in the failed nomination of the white house doctor for veterans affairs secretary trump called for tester to resign or call off his reelection bid for releasing what trump called false statements against dr ronnie jackson i'm barbara kusak bloomberg sports update that new york baseball teams were on the opposite ends of the spectrum saturday night the good news i the yankees scored five of the first added five of the second they cruise to an eleven one word of the angels wearing their winning streak to eight nine strikeouts over six innings of one run ball for masahiro tanaka three hits in an rbi for mcgill do hearth three it's an rbi for aaron judge aaron hicks strove in three as well as for the match jason vargas was roughed up at his twenty eighteen debut nine runs allowed over three and two thirds as the padres role to a twelve to victory christian villain away ben franci cordeiro each homered off of.

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