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Good morning. I'm glad to see Ohio weather is holding up to expectations for central Ohio. This right. I looked at the dole Doppler thing on my phone last night when we were doing our event over Germain, Jessica, and I were sitting there around four or five o'clock anything's writing. I said we're going to get hit in mother nature actually gave us a break. Barely sprinkled last night. I thought we were gonna get what we got today. So today, I could be a weatherman one hundred percent chance of rain right now. There you go. There you go. Yeah. Well, we got a new job for you. Now, you're killing me Smalls what's going on in your world. All right. So boosts get fired up on this. I told you we were gonna look in a little bit more to the scooters and the use of electronic scooters and bicycles. And this is out of Cleveland, Ohio. We have either the Ohio State patrol has has released some statistics showing that in two thousand eighteen approximately thirty percent of traffic fatalities are pedestrian related and keep in mind that in the eyes of the law, these scooters and bicycles. They are considered pedestrian because they're not an automobile. That that's arguable one way or the other. You gotta draw the line somewhere and. There is a pretty bad incident that happened in and around Cleveland in late August about two weeks ago, where a young woman was on his scooter and lost her life to an impaired man it was impaired by heroin. He was drunk driving drunk driving. You know, when you dig into this and in the statistics, and the more stuff we put on the rose the higher the risk is that there's going to be two things that meet together though. Helmet. Do you have to wear a helmet on his scooters? I don't understand. So you got these people buzzing around Columbus right now. What happens if a scooter hits your personal car because here's what I look at pedestrians getting killed by cars. You know, I do cross the street occasionally, and I'm not on a mobile, but my mom and dad always taught me you look laughed. He looked right. You look you look, right. And then you go even if you have the right away because if you're dead there is no right away. Yeah. Your family will get a check from that person's insurance that rain down. But these scooters though, I'm I know everybody's talking about in the last two weeks, I'm getting kind of bored with it. But I I don't understand if a scooter hits one of my cars to say, I'm going to a car show. My fifty seven in some nimrods on a scooter and smacks aside of my car who's responsible. Well, it depends. Because I mean, you know, the city Columbus is wrestling with this right now, I believe just several days ago. The mayor Andrew through is. Saying that he's working with the city codes to update them specifically for this. They have temporary rules and regulations in place. You know? But the idea is these scooters aren't even supposed to be on sidewalks anymore. So. You know, when you look at the overall picture is you and your car have a duty to look out for pedestrians. All right. That's when you're sitting sitting to take your basic van when you're fifteen sixteen years old to get your learner's permit. There's questions about this and right or wrong. You know, you know, morally if you will legally speaking that the pedestrians have the right away. So I'm sorry. I'm about one hundred percents either they got the right away so long as they're obeying, the traffic laws in my opinion. If you're on a roadway, and you're not going the speed limit. Whether it'd be a scooter bicycle or anything else, you have no right being on the roadway period because you can't go thirty five hundred. We're on the road roads for automobile. Lanes for bicycles and such that are already. Israeli downtown street. So. The last time I drove around down there. But it's sometimes aggravating because you know, even if you're looking at these guys in and out of you know, alleyways and stuff on their bicycles and hit those. Those strips and there's times when you're trying to turn and you gotta turn across that strip, and and that's driving aware. So, you know, the the bigger problem is that you know, we have people that are impaired driving their car. And now, we're increasing the likelihood of you know, the accidents with all this other stuff, Jack if people want your help in this regard. Hopefully, it's not this regard. But no other means.

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