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Address but we can do it in a in a manner that is not restricted by the parameters of this stranded and and we can do it more effectively because it yes this is Judy Holliday who do to send you something more effectively and the highest crime rates the most dangerous city in Arizona and deliver they pick and choose so the the federal crime of the illegal immigration we want nothing to do with that but the federal crime of human trafficking will take part in we'll take part that yeah let's continue here we go assistant chief Paul says TPP will help if an agency like ice or border patrol needs assistance for something other than immigration enforcement but even before the decision drop out of so wait a second why the hell would I use our border patrol need assistance all they do is immigration enforcement will help but not with stuff that they do I'm everyone in a legal actually escape from hospital was arrested had to go to hospitals escaped I was a couple years ago and they escape NTB D. would not help border patrol try to catch the person Magnus said no we will not help them we will not set up a perimeter will not do anything like that let's continue but even before the decision to drop out of stone garden to some police concluded the fear local police might enforce immigration was discouraging people from sharing information that helps police fight crime in the community and what we found is in and when was fairly well documented through the bureau of justice assistance is that fifty percent of violent crimes across the country are reported we believe that could possibly be higher cancellous people's fear that they could be report the border patrol so wait a second white what did that makes no sense so they're mad here's the thing this is was hilarious that fifty percent of people don't report is across the country then people cross country don't report violent crime and they say could be higher here because they think people call us because they you know they they could be report border patrol you don't even arrest anybody why should anybody call you when you just don't arrest people again well they want to focus on arrests after a crime we don't do that we want people to call maybe they don't call you because nothing ever gets done this is frightening for Tucson very scary gonna have a congressman anti big seems to be about nine thirty nine thirty five leader of the freedom caucus kind of a big deal pretty cool that he's coming down here I do have some more of those more good immigration as you can comment on this I would like to eight eight zero okay Annecy eight eight zero five six seven eight so again we have Regina that you know backs T. P. D. she's the mayor backs T. B. D. the fact they don't like to arrest people after they commit a crime but she wants to plant trees that's gonna change everything here right was violent seat will most dangerous city in Arizona right here to sun stats show but I do have some good news about border security will get to that do not go anywhere we got to play the Bernie sound by two of the Inc I'm calling the cops good reporters when asked them about the their employees that say they want to kill people kill the rich you name and things like that don't go anywhere morning ritual Gary Lewis scan is T. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating.

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