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Shotwell. And now for your commute tomorrow, sky. Mike will be doing the traffic with rain coming at you because you're going to want to follow it for your commute. All the attention well beyond Trump Storm Nicholas and is formed in the Southern Gulf Mexico will be inching toward the Texas coast could be a slow mover, bringing heavy rainfall and storm surge our way. Hey, Flats watch in effect tonight through your Tuesday evening and Trump Storm watch and the storm surge watch in effect for the coasts. We're gonna be looking at some bottom rainfall and even that coastal flooding showers. Storms likely tonight, especially overnight. Low, low seventies chance rain 6% and 80% check the showers and storms on Monday ahead. Rainfall possible high low eighties chops from conditions possible on Tuesday. I'm either as Todd work for Weather Channel 85 in Galveston, 87 from the ktrh Top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather Center Ktrh news time is 501. Our top story. Tropical Storm Watch, which means tropical Storm force winds are possible in the area within 48 hours has been issued by the National Weather Service for Harris County now, according to Inland Harris County that includes Houston, Kingwood and Spring Ktrh is your severe weather station and we have the whole staff on standby through the storm. So keep your radio tuned right here at am 7 40 ktrh in Sports, Texas were three point underdog against Jacksonville, but the Texans won by 16 points. Final score. Texans 37 the other guys 16. And the Astros winning the series with the Angels. Two games to one final score. Today was 3 to 1. And tomorrow they go up. I 45 they play the Texas Rangers. The game is at seven and you can hear that game right here on K Trh 7 40. NEOS on demand. Ktrh dot com Our next update will be at 5 30 breaking news as it happens. Sally Adams on Houston's news, weather and traffic station use radio 7 40 K T. R H. Hello, listeners. Welcome to the trading group Show..

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