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You know, Brendan aronson, you know, part of that Philadelphia union academy from around the same age. Jack Harrison, former number one pick in the super draft. So this is, it's important to understand the context of this being sort of another milestone on the growth of the league on the ability of MLS to more and more become a part of the global soccer, hierarchy, as a league that sort of filters players to the very top of the game in Europe, but I don't think there's much argument that EPL in La Liga are levels above just about everything else, including the Bundesliga right now. So it felt big in that way. But it's just another stop on the trip. It's not the end point. It's not the goal. There are going to be more Jesse marshes. They're going to be more bread and Harrison's more Tyler Adams. More Jack Harrison's as well. And it's exciting to think about that.

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