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Plants in Mississippi last week acting director of customs and border protection mark Morgan says on CNN's state of the union every single person is apprehended the first question that they ask was do you have a child where are they he says that he's reaching out to schools and daycares to look for the connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk of sorties have issued an amber alert this morning for a missing one year old high point boy the child was reportedly inside a vehicle that was stolen last night from outside of business police are searching for a gold colored two thousand Acura TL a man was shot and killed over the weekend in north Raleigh eighteen year old Desmond Jenkins was a recent graduate of Sanderson high school he was gunned down Friday night police are still seeking suspects the state highway patrol's investigating a wreck that killed a Buncombe county man Friday troopers say the man's truck went off new Lester highway about nine miles north of Asheville and overturned the price of gas in North Carolina continues a slow downward trend triple a reports the statewide average is now two forty eight per gallon that's a few cents cheaper than this time last week and nearly a dime less than a month ago with continuing news updates on Kyle Wilson from the tree the service dial plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center accident has us locked up forty westbound between highway forty two N. highway seventy bypass we've got a right five forty westbound near capital little bit a light volume approaching here I'm Scott Barnett one oh six one FM talk this report is sponsored by discover we treat you.

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