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Com website actually crashed because so many people went on it after the AD I. But the thing is is far from dominating the market. If what it wanted was to be a category killer, it's actually more like a category mosquito. When we come back as the SOCK puppet prophesied look. Look down. This is advertiser content. It used to be that when you heard the word subscription, we were talking about magazines or newspapers. Not, new clothes dog food or Bacon of the month clubs. The reason we love subscriptions is that they give us ongoing access to a lot of things without ever having to leave the house. got. So you probably won't be surprised to hear the subscription economy is up over three, hundred, fifty percents. And those numbers are climbing even higher while your customers are hunkered down at home like have streaming services ever been so important. Clearly subscriptions are great for customers, it's also true that they can be great for your business. Subscription. Companies are particularly resistant to the challenges of cove in nineteen. A little more than half the companies in a recent survey didn't see big hits to their subscriber growth during the pandemic. A quarter even grew their subscriptions. SMART companies are pivoting to a subscription model is your business ready here's the thing. The key to gaining and keeping subscribers is a seamless sign up process and an equally seamless payment system. But all that ease requires a platform that's global and Nimble enough your customer's needs and your unique business. That's where Adkins all in one payments platform comes in. Advance global reach and seamless checkout process. Help you build your subscription base rebuild automatically and maintain customer loyalty. So you can create more and boxing moments with me treatments. And fewer payment frustrations learn more AT AGIAN DOT com. That's eighty Y. E. N..

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