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Not good enough. Several counties said they've heard of vaccine hesitancy in a few frontline health care workers, but that may be changing. Registered nurse Jameel Kaba Coonan cares for covert patients at UCSF. A month ago, she was about 50 50 for getting the shot. Now that she's learned more, she plans to get vaccinated. You know, I'm here to care for people. I would rather be the nurse and the patient, you know, she says, another thing that changed her thinking the current surge. It's worse than any time during the pandemic. I'm Polly striker. KQED news. California has extended the deadline for small businesses to apply for covert relief grants. State officials announced yesterday that the deadline has been pushed from this Friday to January. 13th. The state has made a total of half a billion dollars available to small businesses, the nonprofits hurt by the pandemic. Taken request grants ranging from $5000 to $25,000. The Newsome administration says so many businesses were trying to complete the online application. The program's website was strained and some may have had trouble getting an application. Google says it does not recognize the union more than 200. Workers at Alphabet, the parent company of Google have announced they're forming KQED Sam Harnett reports. Worker activism that Google has been growing over issues like contracts with the military and the firing of employees who've spoken out in 18 22,000 workers walked out to protest sexual harassment, lack of diversity in the second class status of temps and contractors, which account for over half the company's workers. Engineer Alexander Peterson is one of the union organizer's We really want to save alphabet from itself. Stop it from becoming just another one of Thies huge, inhuman, faceless entities that just bulldozes humanity for the sake of profit in the statement, Google did not recognize the union, which includes contractors and service workers, along with programmers. The union's 200 members is only a tiny fraction of the company's 260,000 Some odd workers. I'm Sam Burnett, KQED news and I'm Brian Want in Oakland, There's more at kqed dot organ. Support today comes from Bridge Bank, a division of Western Alliance bank, offering flexible financial solutions to the technology and life sciences communities. On morning edition. Many states are struggling to administer the doses of Corona virus vaccines They already have. We'll have an update on the rollout. Next time on the world. We're in Sudan, which.

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