Donald Trump, Saudi Consulate, Saudi Arabia discussed on Mark Levin


Say that too. Plains Saudi Arabia landed in Turkey. At least fifteen individuals Saudis went to their council. It in Turkey. Among them was a prominent doctor who was an autopsy expert and it had written on lectured on dissection. They say that the New York Times says it has independently. Identified nine of the fifteen individuals who had into the consulate. As members of the Saudi Royal guard or security force some of them identified by the New York Times have traveled with crown prince. Mohammed bin Salman. Been photographed with him as he traveled in Paris as he traveled in Houston as he traveled in Boston. They have identified these individuals, and they are among those individuals who went into the Saudi consulate in Turkey. And they say, according to the Turkish officials that day were only. Dealing with kashogi for ten minutes. There was no time for an interrogation. The Turkish officials say that they. Dismembered kashogi. At one point. They stated that the guy with the bone saw as the other Saudis there to turn up the music in the radio to drown out. The sounds of the bone saw. Now, this is all from Turkish officials, right? So. They say that then they left the same day the same two planes. There was a black van that left. The consulate then the individuals who went to the consulate left the same day on the same two planes. They knew that there was likely to be an investigation. A cleaning crew came in allegedly cleaning out the consulate office. And apparently now the Turks say that there is evidence that they repainted a part of the consulate office. And so they have pretty strong evidence of the murder and dismemberment of this journalist Jamal kashogi. Pretty strong evidence. And Donald Trump President Trump says that he talked with the crown prince and the king, and after he did that mind you with Mike Pompeo, they're meeting with them. Trump comes up with this story that it was rogue killers perhaps. And now the story is coming out as it was all day yesterday and do out the evening. The story is coming out. That the Saudis are trying to come up with this theory, and this story. That it was an interrogation gone wrong. And that he was killed in the process. And apparently the term rogue killers was used in the conversation with the king. And so Trump has now repeated it the the rogue killing the rogue killing. So now that the heat is on Donald Trump and Repub members of the Republican party countries everywhere now that they are demanding a thorough investigation. Donald Trump is saying here we go again. He's making an excuse for the Saudi regime. Trump says here, we go again, you know, you're guilty until proven innocent says I don't like that. And then he went on then he went on to compare this incident. With the Senate Judiciary hearing of Justice Brent cabin. Oh, Trump said this is a quote, we just went through that with Justice cabin. Oh, and he was innocent all the way as far as I'm concerned he is giving cover to the regime in Saudi Arabia. They have promised a thorough investigation. The Turks have all of this information. And they are the ones releasing the information. They're even talking about conversations and the consulate the details of this murder are gruesome, I should say this alleged murder. What I don't think there's any doubt. Right. I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever. That the Saudis murdered kashogi or had him murdered and member of many of those who were among those fifteen who journeyed to extend bowl and went into that Saudi consulate are members of the Saudi Royal guard members of the security force. Okay. And Donald Trump Donald Trump. No, no, no guilty until proven innocent. I don't like that. Another excuse another excuse all because he has this arms deal. He says a hundred and ten billion dollar arms deal. What is our record? As America on human rights worth. What is how do we? If we go along. And and and make excuses. For the Saudi kingdom and for the Saudi King and crown prince, how do we as a country face other brutal despots other brutal dictators if we're going to make excuses for the for the for the Saudi kingdom and the Saudi Crown prince. Does that embolden other dictators like Kim Jong UN like president, gee, like like Philippines Duarte? Does it?.

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