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But none would ever speak to you on the record. You know, she cut such a lonely figure now. And Ian Maxwell, her brother is kind of banging the drum for her. And her family are rallying round. But the friends are now nowhere to be seen, of course. As to the women who have accused her of these crimes, you know, I think what's interesting is how they are going to now be torn apart by Maxwell's lawyers. You know, they're going to be their credibility is going to be undermined at any point. At every point, sorry, as money grabbers, they're going to call a false memory expert a woman very well known in a miracle called professor Elizabeth Loftus. You know, she testified at the trial of Jeffrey Epstein not Jeffrey Epstein Harvey Weinstein easily confused sometimes and O. J. Simpson. And she is going to be talking about how women and people can develop false memories. And so for the accusers now, the next 6 weeks are going to be an incredibly challenging time. And in terms of the U.S. justice system as well. I mean, it's just worth reflecting on, of course, we're at the beginning of this, but it is different. There are differences to it, and also there's been a much made from very well at the beginning of a trial. There'll be a jury and all of that. So it's a careful of that in mindful of that. But of course, she's been in prison for some time and there's been quite a lot of detail about the conditions of that and how that differs and also the length of sentences sometimes in comparison to the UK. So I think that there's some differences there aren't there as well. Yeah, absolutely. And look, if she is found guilty and if this does not go her way, she will be in prison for the rest of her life. She'll turn 60 on Christmas Day. I do, by the way, think about what her 60th would have been like, had her life gone in a different direction kind of glittering party on a super yacht. But now it's almost inevitable. The trial will still be going on. And she will still be behind bars. But, you know, the jury were asked if they had strong views about people who led luxurious lifestyles. They were also asked whether they had expressed support for the me too movement in the past. I think one of the things that Ghislaine Maxwell's team were incredibly nervous about were the fact that in dummy panels, Ghislaine Maxwell was found to be wholly unlikeable, I think the quote was..

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