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Do I agree with what franchise stamping stands for of course, not? But, but I do get their reasons who else is done, what can those done who else is Representative WBZ in the way that can L O has who else says defended the belt more who else's unified? It more you know, who else has more accurate aids with that WBZ title? But outside of that is came. We really call them duck. If he's fighting Sergei Cova, if he's fighting Callum Smith. I haven't seen anybody signing up to fight those guys outside of Anthony yard. I think giving really can't consider him because a lot of people wanting to fight. Jamaal Charles demodulators being the guy in the division for like fourteen months them one interim champion mandatory contender. Whatever you wanna call it. But it just seems like another was picking and choosing. How it goes up, we go them and fight. Kobe been knocked out by Andre ward and midnight that by other other avarice came back against a resin beat him. So cool capless mill kind of kind of green. It seemed like another trying to get them kind of early, if he does fight Kelly Smith. So again, a guy kinda can green. So in my opinion, he's like picking. Dame. Jamaal Charles is season ripe in his prime both our twenty nine so I don't see what the problem would be by the dim two guys have a big big fight. So who's more dangerous in your eyes as Jamaal Charles Sergei Kovalyov? I believe Jamaal Charles because I believe you said it maybe. A month ago two months ago. When we first talked about the story, the canot the co- the could be like a cherry pick or something like that. You know, saying cope with up could be a cherry Fook another, because he is damage. He is older. He is not. I don't make as an and it's prompting more. But I think Charles is in his prime young strong ready to fight, and who's more dangerous between Callum and Jamaal Charles Callum is young prime big strong and ready to fight. I think Jamal cello, get a little bit more experienced than Kevin calendar. Still kind of green as punk is name that Julian Williams and Allston trout on more experienced accomplished and better than George groves. Yeah. I like I paint union willing better than enjoys grove, I think, trial after the Caribbean joys grove Jonesboro grows his title off a, a Tyrone Zoe on Santa, he wasn't really that guy or never really heard of. And then everybody says that when he found James gale back in the day he really lost that fight. So I, I don't know how good George grow was. But what I've seen I wasn't writing home about George grows. I was the one who picks. What I was the one who pickers, Eubank junior, big, George grow, which I was wrong. But I still picked. Yeah. I mean. I have to disagree groves is more -ccomplish d-, then Jamaal Charles and more accomplished than Austin Shrout if I'm not mistaken in chat. Please help me out grossest captured titles in two different divisions. Only one at sixty as well, bro. No, no. You did. Oh, he started at sixty eight what the hell? About that. All right. So he's got that one title, but he was considered the man in that division. He was the super chant in a WBA. And he was the winner of the World Boxing, super series, was not was it wasn't it a torn me. He was in my. So you know he kinda is just like Andre ward. He kind of made himself the man by winning the tournament. Right. Not in my opinion man because guys. Tougher competition. Like I mean dude, he's he was in. You can make that face all you want. But you know, you also have been admittedly saying you just started three years ago like he forecast. James ago when he was eleven in no, you know, he for the fucking road warrior Glen Johnson. You know, he fought Paul Smith common opponent with. Andre ward, you know, he fought the guy you brought up call frocks twice. You know, Dennis Jack, Jack Marin merry shooting off Jamie, Cox Chris Eubank junior and Callum Smith..

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