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Up Can I wait? Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike. Traffic and weather on the eighth is gonna Jo Conway in the W T o p traffic center. We're gonna start off in Virginia on I 66 westbound. These longstanding crashes between 1 23 and route 50 Fair oaks You were getting by staying to the right. Maybe at least one lane, if not two. Definitely at least one lane getting by you staying to the right and a big delay that begins near 1 23 stick with its state of the right. 95 north. Your crash was near Quantico. It's on the left shoulder, not blocking any travel lanes, paces pretty good there if you want the EZ Pass things available for paying travelers had a crash in Fairfax County Long Braddock Road south of 2 36 near Randolph. You're under police directions, something that was involving a pedestrian driving in Maryland. No reports of any complications on the capital Beltway. 2 70, a good right north bound south bound, had the earlier crash on Central Avenue just to the east of Southern Avenue should be cleared. They were dealing with the crash on Route Boulevard Annapolis eastbound near Route 50 under police direction of last report to come apart your records along Carol Avenue between university beloved her Merrimack drive, They will direct with the crash that took down some utility poles there. So you tip the reporters have driven by Fitzgerald. Autumn. Oh, stop its first and save money. Under Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit. That's more calm. Transparency you can trust. I'm Jo Conway, WTF traffic like a Joe. And now let's go to storm team for meteorologists. Samara Theodore a Cold night ahead of us as temperatures dropped into the twenties and thirties. It's been a bit breezy.

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