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If you've been following us you know that some of the other co-founders have been hosting the podcast. And i'm happy to be back. Let me tell you a little bit about my beautiful guests. Brenda has spent twenty years of her life. Learning personal development from bob proctor. Less brand jack canfield and so many more of the great more than forty of those years spent studying the bible. She studied the lessons miracles and she learned to trust god. She spent her time sharing all the gifts that she received her journey with. God so where is she now. She's the co author of of. I am a difference maker creativity book for the past three years. She's been mentoring youth and children through the optimist club. While i'm already in just hearing that and they're so much more. She found her way. She found her walk with god Is she found that in her. Walk with god is what gives you the opportunity to do what you wanna and go for it. This is going to be such a good such a good interview for so many women out there She was blessed to be given the opportunity to choose to make a difference in the lives of youths and children and she wanted to help in her community her nation in her world. She says when. I look back now. I know i am leaving a legacy for future generations. She really wants to make an impact so the birth of unbounded potential came to be. She used a combination of lessons. Learned from god her own experiences knowledge from mentors and pass youth and children experiences to create her legacy to create what can and will change the world. I am so excited to have you on the podcast today. Welcome brenda thank you. I'm so excited to be here michelle. It's no small feat to write a book. Yes it's absolutely amazing. When at led by god and is sharing the vision with you and it has been such a blessing to be able to share it and mentor it with the youth and children in our community. Well before we talk specifically about what you're doing now share. What what is your background before you like. Were you a teacher. What did you do before you wrote the book and started What you're doing now. Well i was actually an event. Planner focusing on weddings and or events and it was very fulfilling but land in twenty twenty when our governor shut us down i really had to dig deep and ask what can i do if i can do anything i want to and it caused me to be violent and to actually listen so when i first heard what i wanted to do it kept on drawing me back to the mentorship program that i use with my optimism up it was with the children in our community and that was the focus and then it just went from there and visions came through and i knew. Lose your back now. You get the last thing that i got was of the visions came through and you knew and then it went away. I knew But that was the best at that. I could do and it wasn't going to be a bad planning and coordination or weddings and corporate. It was going to be making a difference within the youth and children now. I know a lot of people can relate to you know really having to make some major life decisions and pivot either either pivot the way that they did business or pivot their careers and so this is a fairly this is i mean it's not totally new because you had been involved in it but really the pivot was you. Now you're like all in. Yes one hundred percent and i actually feel like rejuvenated and ready to take on the day and ready to move forward versus you know before it was. Okay i gotta go to the office today and we'll see what kind of events we're going to be doing this begun and this is ben. All i can't wait to see what the kids have come up with or who we're gonna meet that we're going to then move forward into the next colleen you know what organization are we going to l. next. I mean it's such a timely gods. God's timing is always perfect is never late. he's never early. And what a what. An amazing thing to be doing what you're doing at this time we're really through. I feel like kids especially school aged whether it's elementary the middle or the secondary school they really really suffered so tragically through the lockdowns. Not being able to go to school and having things changed so dramatically. So what you're doing the timeliness of that. It's only god exactly. Yeah and as such a blessing. I feel like all thing has been god lead and i know is pointed me and will connect me with people. I need to meet to continue the mission. Wow well it's it's it's a beautiful thing and so would you say that. Now i mean you're you're almost a year probably a year after the fact right so it was about a year ago as of the time that we're recording this that really every everything in the world got kind of simultaneous shutdown. We didn't know at the time we were thinking like it would last a couple of weeks maybe a month so especially in the event planning world. You're like well we're have to reschedule these few events but we'll get back on track later in the season having no clue that literally that was just gone. Yes one hundred percent. And i came to the realization in early april when a lot of people were like. I'm thinking i'm going to reschedule. And their event was in october. Now is like really. Oh okay well let. Let's talk about that. You know. And i really have to come to a realization that this could be that you don't do any events this year and it turned into. We only did five. And the whole thing. Last year was all god given you know where i was blessed with some abundance to a bill and still be able to work on the new mission and the new. Wow you know. I hear story after story of people that were women that were either in a job or career or even a business that they were doing. But they weren't having that fulfillment that you're talking about where you wake up every morning kind of with this on purpose passion that that goes beyond what we do right. I mean i really feel like as i have stepped into my most authentic self over the last couple of years. You don't wake up every morning thinking oh man you wake up every morning thinking oh god what do you got today. Like it's gonna be good and even when obstacles come and they do. It's a different feeling when you you don't even know really how to verbalize it because it's just a different it's kind of. It's just like the bible says it's a peace that surpasses understanding like even when stuff happens. You have this thing in the back of your mind in the pit of your gut like okay. We'll get through this problem. But this is exactly.

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