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I'm bob garfield co host of on the media wnyc has been providing quality independent journalism for quite a while but as you may have noticed the world of media is changing legacy outlets have been devastated by digital revolution and employ fewer than half the journalists they did twenty years ago and online competition publishes a lot of content but has little money for actual reporting because once again reporting is expensive and these sites are running on venture capital mostly at a loss the consequences the wnyc is more important than ever while other organizations fold and shrink and cut back we are each year increasing investment in newsgathering more deep reporting more quality journalism more stories that others can't or won't tell well remember it's your contribution that keeps this station going so pleased become a member right now thank you very much it is your contribution that keeps this station going we thank you very much for listening and for supporting wnyc during this our spring fundraiser i'm david i with us also this afternoon wnyc program director jacqueline cincotta and take a moment right now to just think about how much wnyc's programming is worth to you listener contributions makeup wnyc's most important source of funding listener contributions ensure our editorial independence and your membership donation is a part of that if you tune in for all things considered every afternoon marketplace.

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