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And active shooter situation at a florida high school i melissa barkley trump takes the wind out of the senate sales greg matsick of busy day at mary vail stephanie granite out busy day on the roads especially 94 westbound you have a slow ride if you're headed that way this afternoon downtown to the zoo is a nineteen minute ride that's 12 minutes over the usual time then downtown to morland is a twenty seven minute ride that's an and take you sixteen extra minutes so give yourself plenty of time elsewhere across the system a little bit slow but not looking too bad i'm steffan ingraham with wtmj pella wi com timesaver traffic clearer breezy a low of twenty four degrees tomorrow sunny and milder high forty one degrees check that out it's forty one right now at four thirty one cbs news special report too bad for the school for the students for the parents that us senator bill nelson of florida talking about a school shooting in parkland that has left numerous people dead a suspect in the shooting at marjorie stillman douglas high school has been caught his name is nineteen year old nicholas crews broward county sheriff scott israel we believe at this point hold children mobile out or queered enrile fled the building however we don't know if there were injured people we don't know if they were people hiding again sheriff israel all from what i on the fan there was a time to time the school i don't know why he loved muddle no student bailey vosper occurred to shots it founded what he might be gunshot meet though in st paul monopoly defend and others followed so we now they say pluckily at least fourteen people have been taken to area hospitals at an investigation continues cbs news special report and alison keys wtmj news time four thirty.

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