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Reds are looking to snap a two game losing streak against the Rockies at Coors Field in Denver tonight after falling 13 to 8 on Thursday and 9 to 6 last night Friday. Wade Miley, who pitched a no hitter Friday a week ago was not as fortunate. Last night is he got lit up early and often. He lasted just three plus innings, yielding 11 hits and eight runs to go with three walks and five strikeouts to send his e R a 23.69. There are some big time injury concerns for the Reds, with both Nick Sand's L and might boost stock is out of the lineup with hell contusions and without further ado, and I'll mention it later in the show, but tonight's lineup Jesse Winker. In left field. Nick Castillo Janos in right, Tyler Nay Quentin Center. That's 123. And a U N e o Suarez. Third base, Tucker Barnhart, catching and Kyle Farmer at short, That's 45 and six and then the bottom third of the order. Jonathan, India at second base, Alex Blandino at first base and Tyler Mallie on the Mount for the Reds tonight. We will check tonight. Starting pitching. We will do the big sticks in the big leagues. We will check the scoreboard for tonight's in today's games. And We'll give you a couple of reminders. We will dissect the Cincinnati Reds, who are looking to snap this two game losing streak. If they can win the next two, they'll keep the streak alive of not losing a Syriza's. Wouldn't that be nice? Because looking at the Rockies and the Reds dare I say they're almost identical. Awesome at home and awful on the road. It's no excuses tonight. The Reds need a win to snap this two game losing streak and they're going to send Tyler Malley to the Mount tonight to get it done. This is the Arnell carriers inside Pitch on 700 wlw. No place like a cowboy, please.

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