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The weak side, both Turned and watch the shop. This time of the game, and you've gotta get possessions. Korea. No idea where Rondo Wass. This will be talked about. It was 18 to second chance points in the first half. This is straight to straight possessions. Where l A has got an offensive rebound with free throw line. I'm not saying that Michael Porter Jr has better court awareness than Tory Craig does. Hey. But let's say That Michael Porter Jr is caught watching the shot. Just like Tory Craig is Michael Porter Junior's athleticism. He might he might grab that rebound. And also, I don't think that Michael Porter would have been that way because Michael Malone has talked about the ability for Michael Porter to be an elite rebounder and to be an elite rebounder. You have to have the mindset of a rebounder. And he does. I have no problem with Jeremy Grant being in the game. Over Michael Porter. I really don't in this. Siri's even have a problem. With Paul Millsap being in over Michael Porter. Tory Craig should not be in the lineup over Michael Porter Jr. You just shouldn't And I know Michael Porter Jr was terrible defensively. Michael Porter Jr. Being terrible defensively wasn't a problem. When the Nuggets were winning. You didn't hear that talked about a lot. But when they're losing wall, Michael Porter, Junior's bad defender, been bad defender all along. He's a bad defender at Mizzou, and I'm sure in high school The Nuggets found a way to compensate for that. In other games and not last night. I get it. Michael Malone's frustrated He hates rookies. Maybe Bobo lt's not going to be Nicole. Yo, Kitch is back up. Maybe they ria Mason Plumlee at the behest of Michael Malone. But to me If your choices are Michael Porter and Tory Craig. In this Siri's, and that's what you gotta do you take. You can't worry about what happened against Clippers. Like who's better for right now, when you're getting killed on the glass, and when you need buckets down the stretch, Tory Craig isn't doing either for you. Not every player is Jamal Marie, Nicole Yokich and Khun B. Nearly flawless at all times. Everybody else on that roster has their warts. Just what wards can you live with? And I thought last night. With rebounding being as big of an issue. Is it wass that Michael Border could have helped, at least in that regard. And maybe even on that play in particular. 5 to 2987 to take your thoughts continuously on nuggets Lakers take the conversation in any direction that you see fit. Coming up. Next you'll hear from Vic Fangio had a few thoughts. Before the Tampa game and some injury updates for some of the Chained up Denver Broncos That's next here on extra sports 1300. From the chief Vapor traffic.

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