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Somebody made a comment that and getting a lot of these comments. I alluded to a yesterday in which people I just flummoxed as to why the schools are closed and the person the commentary said he was talking to somebody who's got kids had person said when I suggested that we ought to have the schools of the person just freaked out. I can't have kids school right. Oh it's not safe. It's not safe that scared to death. This again shows how our fears govern our reactions. It's virus doesn't affect kids. It's extremely rare for it to do so yet. People have. These incredible fears fears that until very recently they never had almost give hear about. Parents wanted to send their kids to school. When there was a measles bug going around or a flu bug going around comes seven kids. I stick with the call. Okay fine you're going to school the Mile Now. You have a virus. That apparently is almost impossible for kids to get in those same people that turned around. Not Why did kid their kids to go to school for months again? That's not Raza's where people come up and see people are stupid. Let's not the right word but if you go back to thinking about the two things that I said the heard thinking if the schools are closed that I want my kid not to go to school to everybody else's schools should be close. Let's close the school and secondly reacted to these fears dealing with the situation. If I don't want my kid to get sick see with the short-term okay. I don't I kid to get sick for this. Not Thinking your kids probably likely to get sick at home. From what of ninety seven thousand other things? That kids can't get by going to school not to mention the fact that you're turning your child into a basket case afraid of everything. Add your kid by the way isn't getting much of an education.

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