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Quick question that's not so quick. How are you and how are you holding up to great question Especially given given the time. I am doing surprisingly well I like probably most people go back and forth. There's been some really rough things that have happened in the last year. That have been Difficult to navigate. And there's been some real great silver linings as well so as me personally. I've had some some struggles Areas of business has done really well. There's been so many people you know. Stuck at home redesigning their houses and area has been able to. You know to really whether the storm i have a great small nimble team of great individuals. And we've been able to figure out how to do the work from home. I have a small production crew in the building. And it's you know it's it's been kind of a blessing in that regard of being able to shift so quickly well and business aside. I mean it's interesting your your career and we will get to area in the second but with regard to you you know. You're you're a creator. You're an artist yourself. You're a photographer. You came from fashion I have found that in talking to people especially uber creative types over the last year the the the biggest challenge has been mental from missing out on all of the things that truly inspired us. You know and it's finding ways to find inspiration in a situation where you don't have access to so many of the things that you have become completely accustomed to true and as a creative i i chose to really shift gears so in my off time i i have a very large creative space with all my crafting supplies in art supplies. All of those things. And you know towards as i'd say october i just got to this point where i couldn't be outside near as much as i was because i really like being outdoors and camping and hiking and that has been very doable during that whole last summer but soon as everything really started Gauging towards the election in all the media and all that stuff i found myself I found myself hiding in my art space and creating and remembering the joy of what creating does and that outlet four all things uncertain all things uncomfortable even losing a close friend..

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