Idaho murders: Police start removing victims' belongings from house


Likely taint the jury pool. Police said Moscow Idaho today are set to return personal items belonging to the four college students murdered last month to their families. And it comes as police are trying to fill a crucial time gap involving the sigma Chi fraternity house where two victims were members, more from these nations. Bosco police say they are investigating the time frame between 9 p.m. the night before the murders on November 12th and one 45 a.m. when Ethan and xana were believed to be at the sigma Chi house. Meanwhile detectives are not commenting on whether or not they are making significant progress in the case, only saying they have no suspects identified and will not release information at the risk of compromising the investigation. The democratic senator Raphael Warnock is taking a victory lap following his win in Georgia's Senate runoff election. It is my honor to honor the four most powerful words ever spoken in a democracy.

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