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Support from the commander in chief for America's top general. Lisa Brady. Fox News The White House getting questions about books claim of two secret calls reassuring China Amid concern that then President Trump might attack Rachel Sutherland has more live. Lisa President Biden has complete confidence and joint chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley leadership, patriotism and fidelity to the Constitution that from White House press secretary Jen Psaki as controversy continues over reports in the soon to be published book, The General Milley called his Chinese counterpart during the transition of power. We'll leave it to Congress and others to ask questions they want to ask, and obviously the Department of Defense that joint Chiefs and others will speak to that. A spokesman for General Milley released a statement saying his calls were not secret. They were coordinated with Defense Department officials. Lisa. Thanks, Rachel, the former president has said if true, the calls amount to treason. President Biden Holding a meeting with business leaders is a vaccine mandate. Debate continues. I understand that the coronavirus is real and that the vaccine is the right choice for a lot of people, but for them to mandate it is something that is stepping way too far. Rebecca Kleefisch is one of the Republicans running for governor in Wisconsin, where Democratic Governor Tony Evers is requiring weekly testing for state. Employees if they don't want the shot. Police in Aurora, Colorado, are accused of a pattern of racially biased policing. The results of a civil rights probe just released the first of its kind investigation under Colorado's new Police Accountability Law, which allows 60 days for changes to be made. A grand jury recently indicted three officers and two paramedics over the death of Elijah McClain. Died after being put in a chokehold and injected with ketamine while walking home. As officers responded to a suspicious person report. America is listening.

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