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Kevin Durant, Larry Bird, Jerry West discussed on Ferrall On The Bench


This Bleacher report list of the greatest players of all the time. So I would not agree with this at all. They got him ranked Durant forty second of all time forty second. I would not agree with that sort of the words I'm with you shop that he's one of the best. Clearly, but I just don't have him top five. You got him top five greatest players ever of top ten. I thought you said top top-five. Did we not just have this argument? Mafia five now top ten all time. Oh, he's a top five. Now, the top ten all time. So they it at forty second. I wouldn't agree with that. I'd say is way higher than that. Now, you might be able to convince me of. You might be able to get him into that top ten strong enough argument like they have Dirk Nowitzki hundred I'd have I have him above Dirk Nowitzki. I think Dirks been incredible. But I'd have above that Karl Malone. He's better than Karl Malone. He's sixteen Malone's never even snatched. Kevin garnett. He is fifteen. You got him better than Garnett. Absolutely. I think he's a better player than garner. No scrub obviously, I mean, those guys are all time greats to for David Robinson better than him hands down thirteen best all time even Robinson who couldn't win a title before Dunkin. Eleven Kobe Bryant he's better than Kobe Bryant. No. He's not better than Kobe Kobe's eleven on this list. And I'll just this is just one list that Tanisha shock, you think. He's better than shack. Yes. Of course. Of course, he's better than check. That's like saying, I don't agree with that. I just think that shack was the most dominant beg, man. And Kevin Durant. If he tried to post up shack he'd be he'd snap him into. And first of all you cannot make the argument at all of any of these. Well, he couldn't do it. Without this guy. You can win without that guy. Because Durant could not win you only say he's right mob. Is right. You're constantly talking about he's on this great team. He couldn't do it in oak city when he had one guy. But when he's got five he's the greatest player that ever lived. And then you're saying all these other teams had to have they didn't have enough. Good players you keep saying, you're you're defeating your own argument. He's right. The bottom line is is that shack. He won no matter. What I don't care who you put around him. He no one stopped him. He did whatever he wanted. We got his ass kicked by one. We both agree on that. But he's actually one eight him up and spit them out. Is one of the best players of all time shack shag on how many rings? Did he get? He's got three on the back of kid. He's got three. Someone else you given all the credit that four title was all Jane, wait. Wait, I'm telling you man that three that he wanted a one and a two that was shack Larry Bird, you're gonna tell me that Kevin Durant better than Larry Bird. Yes. Yes. If Durant plays the parish. Kevin Durant could even dream of passing the ball like Larry Bird. Then have that conversation with me. I mean, he did everything right? He did everything better than everybody. He did everything. Like the way the game was invented to be played Larry Bird is the Pitta me of a basketball did everything everything. Rebound pass on the floor game winning shots, clutch, teammate championships and. Durant? Listen, I think Durant is a great scorer. That's it. What else is he so great at he don't pass the ball or no forever. Stop. He doesn't pass the ball ever guy. When does he passed the ball? When what game? Are you talking about? He plays with the warriors. And he's got guys. So we can facilitate every time he gets the ball. I've never seen a guy pass once in my life. Assist per game in the playoffs. Honestly, get on their come on. You're a basketball player. Do you think? He's better. Do you think he passes the ball? I don't think he's better than Larry Bird. I do think he has worked his way with the couple of titles that he's one in the two finals MVP into the top fifteen conversation for sure I'm okay with that problem with that. But he's not veteran. Larry bird. Larry, just here's a little tidbit for if you've been to Springfield. Of course, how long I spend in Larry Bird section. He's got like his own wing. He has his own wing at the hall of fame. Call me when Kevin Durant got half of the building in his name. If you if you go to Springfield of the hall of fame, he's been four hours in the Larry Bird section. I mean, honest to God is literally literally they might as well, call it the Larry Bird house or something that you know, it should be what do they call those things in the backyard little bird nast is that what they call it. Like a like a birdhouse birdhouse fan the birdhouse. Okay. Thanks. I'm not having this discussion with you Larry Bird. You know, honestly, I think. Larry Bird might be Jesus. I really do. I think that he was God's son. It was not Jesus was Larry Bird. And it was all just a ruse. They're pulling wool over our eyes at Sunday school because we never liked the Sunday school teacher to stop is he better than Jerry West. Are you asking me if the rents better than Jerry West? Yes. Jerry, West not even the greatest player as a shooting guard for his own franchise. Absolutely, jerry. Well, real Jerry West was only the logo because he played in the big market. He wasn't even the best player on the team for well, Elgin, Baylor was better than Jerry West. And we'll shave was better than Jerry West. We played with them in sixty nine seventy seventy seventy two twenty seven a game had six rebounds, six dives to it. Avs deals at a blocked shot every game. But he sucks too. I didn't say he sucks, basically. In Spanish what you're saying? Is that he sucks I never said that like you downplay everyone when you're trying to make a point your guy is the greatest and everyone else sucks. I mean, they literally don't even deserve to have a uniform is basically what you're saying to me. I mean, you really are painful as he better than LeBron James. No, okay. I this gets better. Every guy I go there. And you're not gonna even try to tell me it's better than magic John's now, he's not thanks. Thanks a lot. At least you got one. Right. He'd better than Tim Duncan. Yes. Durant better than Tim Duncan. That's what I like about you shop. You're so demanded that at least one or two nights a year. I get to sit in here and enjoy listening to you. Try to argue with me about stuff that it's like, I might as well have you ever seen a guy slam his head into a mirror for an hour to deceiving? It split his head open and getting a blood out that he can escape the mental ward. That's that's what you do to me. I'm smashing my face right now into a mere trying to listen to you, tell me about how bad all these other players are in your guys the man, we're all very quickly if Kevin Durant plays. Dummies better than is. Statistically, he's not. But he's better overall. Well, stats don't matter. What does matter Dunkin played with the team and your veteran? Bill russell. Yes. Yes, I believe because Bill Russell. No, he's not better than Korean. I just got to do the update. I really do. You know, what happened? You're so crazy that my computer broke just listening to you has sent the entire equipment into a spiral of just failure. Your comments are failing the systems in here every day. On fire is day with Kevin Dexter..

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