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Think something to descended for learning to tests when you have those resources in time. In their whole professionals built off of testing at every. Test. Are there ways in which many schools can improve their admissions process do broadly by other things that also show baroness, yes? But every college will have to make that decision. Glad we were able to make that decision, but it's coming to that point. Where now everyone is being forced. Make that decision on mobile. We see of data and results for the next two three years. Now tell colleges a lot about how? I'm sure that'll be analyzed all right. We're out of time. I want to thank Veronica how it and Kevin Brown. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you. When it comes to mid West Beer. Brewing Chicago tends to get overshadowed by neighbors like Saint Louis and the walkie, but the production, and of course consumption of beer has always been a vital part of the city's economic and social life, and now the revival of popular Chicago beer aims to prove that Chicago tonight producer Quinn Myers has more on the old and now new Conrad Sipe Brewing Company. For more than a decade, the former Michael Reese Hospital site and nearby truck lot have sat in limbo, waiting for possible revival as a mixed use, development, or maybe the future Chicago Casino, but before all of that the Brownsville plot was home to the Conrad's Sipe Brewing Company at one time, the largest brewer in the United States in the eighteen seventies believe it was the end of the eighteen seventies. He was the number one beer producer in America. And I think the numbers have been shown to be upwards of two hundred and fifty thousand barrels of beer. Per Year by the end of the nineteenth century, which for anyone who Bruce Beer? That's a lot of beer. Lauren Mack is the great great great. That's three grades. Granddaughter of Conrad Sipe Himself a German immigrant who came to Chicago in the eighteen fifties over the next few decades he would turn out German style beers for thirsty chicagoans and people across the country growing his business exponentially. Max says safe success. In the late nineteenth century came from a combination of hard work, ingenuity, and some good luck sipe was one of the few breweries that did not burn down. During the great fire of eighteen seventy one, it was outside of the fire line so certainly not good luck for the city that the so much of the city burned, but from the point of view of ruin capacity. He was able to keep brewing during a time when the city really needed beer to feed its workers and to keep the city. Quenched as they rebuilt, the brewery would eventually close in the early nineteen thirties, but a few years ago, Max started toying with an idea. What if she brought back? The Conrad Site Brewing Company? She had heard so much about it growing up, but had never been able to taste her family's beer. Through a connection at the Chicago bruisers. Mac linked up metropolitan brewing a northside craft brewery together. They've spent the past year. Reviving sites extra Pale pills ner one of the brand's top sellers now almost eight century since the brewery closed, chicagoans once again be able to SIP SIPE Speier. Metropolitan Owners Tracy and Doug hearst safer them working on these sites project made perfect sense for one thing they specialize in making German style lagers, and they were also attracted to local history. What I thought was really exciting about the project is Conrad sites descendant female descendant. Lauren Mack was heading up the project. Craft beer like a lot of industries in our culture. Doesn't really feature enough women so the fact that she was up. This project made it really exciting for me. There wasn't an exact recipe for the extra pale available, so they relied on hints from old notes and records bullied by Doug's extensive knowledge of broiling German lagers. There was not a lot of information about the recipes and so forth. So then I had to go back and look at pre pro so-called pre prohibition lager pills, nurse and we think about Miller and Budweiser today the beer that they making in many other breweries like them before prohibition was a little bit different, it was stronger. In flavor it had more hops in it but it's still used a corn or rice like they use today and eighty seven years after the original sites was shuttered, and after hearing about the beer for her whole life Mac finally was able to try to be able to taste something that he would have tasted to be able to bring back something from history that he created. It was just a very poignant moment for me. I feel very lucky that that I get to hold that memory and I.

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