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So I could be available to do Gerry and Eric search show since they're away I'm glad to have you we're doing something a little different of the two thousand nineteen year in review from your perspective we do in fact have some Westwood One news correspondent reports I'm gonna give you one here in just a second about the things that impacted you your family your business the most in two thousand nineteen we've heard a lot of good does suggestions of fake news yeah it's a real thing the fact that you can't depend on getting the truth from the news networks you know it's not a big deal a lot of things that have to do with things other than impeachment in the course of the year culminated and had but one thing were social issues social changes Linda Killian with Wes wouldn't one news correspondent did a great report two thousand nineteen the year in review social changes the women's March returned when it began in two thousand seventeen the March was meant to display resistance to Donald Trump selection it has since become a global movement to assert the rights of women attention also shifted to a record number of women elected to Congress he began serving their terms in two thousand nineteen including twenty five women who won their seats for the first time among them Deborah Holland of New Mexico the first native American woman to serve in Congress and ill Han Omar the first Somali American woman elected to Congress from doesn't want just a border wall the trump administration's border policies also marked as social change in America it's cruel and inhumane two thousand nineteen also marked a record number of women seeking the democratic presidential nomination globally my name is Chris that's in there I'm sixty years old I come from Sweden this sixteen year old brought to life the issue of climate change in a way no one has ever done before I'm Linda Kenya a yes she sixteen years old she's from speed and in the we're still laughing you know I I I'm going to I've got nothing against women running for these offices of terror ultimately qualified great but when you get anti Semites and anti American philosophies from to leave in more in this so you know I'm sure Alexandria okay as of Cortez makes a mean mojito being a former bartender before what does she know about America what you know she doesn't like we're all gonna die in twelve years fierce gonna go spinning off into the sun trump is the root of all evil I don't know the we progress it women even with all the marches in the the nonsense that's going on I don't know that you've progressed any at all in two thousand nineteen as matter of fact if anything you probably regressed it is Jack in fort Lauderdale said the last call before winter break all this divide it's it's not just party to party used to be Republicans versus Democrats vice versa Republicans Democrats a political what have you now it's family it's family you know people won't talk to somebody else what happened to American discourse when we could we could have intelligent arguments and discussions about differing viewpoints nobody does that anymore it's either you agree with me or you're a relevant all right two thousand nineteen the year in review from your perspective well let's go back to Chicago and talk to Colin Colin thank you for waiting how you doing calling I am doing well how are you this morning I'm good thanks I just wanted to make a comment about the the the model allies of the compounds so far this year in the trying to get some sort of garbage on trump in order to impeach Amman with the Monalisa come out I think it's like you said that the civil discourse a conversation would bring out the truth in talking to someone who has a differing viewpoints it is gone thirty south because people just believe not like it's already been set in white the media it will say I read that in looking at the facts and the logic they just deal with feelings well I've been through there is for her he said in when you when you look around you look at MSNBC and CNN headline news most of the alphabet channels they legitimize untruth they legitimize in some cases just flat lines so that leaves the American people to try to figure out some way to get the facts of the thing to get the truth in some form or fashion so they can make up their own minds it's almost as if there's a concerted effort to dumb down the the people of America so they can be maneuvered to manipulated in one direction or the other by the media and nobody wants that no I I just don't think that people are interested in actually looking out the fax and a topic or a subject I I example is a gentleman that said something about the Bible that that were were the dinosaurs obviously he hasn't looked in the Bible because yet look the book of job chapter forty versus a fifteen through nineteen where it talks about a behemoth leading huge tail like a cedar and eats grass like or not obviously that refers to a big I don't know Brachiosaurus or something of that kind it's not darken to joke it's it's people don't want to do the research and see whether not something that's true they just like the B. side lives and they will just go ahead and believe it and just take it as true no we we live sack checking themselves I think you're absolutely right I mean if two thousand nineteen highlighted anything and I don't mean this to be derogatory to anyone just the root of factual observation it highlighted the fact that people don't want to research people don't want to read they want to be told what to do then left alone you know that's that's the rest stop on the highway to communism that's called socialism yeah yeah I don't know how you I don't know how you wake people up out of the because you you know if you look at the the numbers most young people have a favorable view of socialism that's because they haven't been taught the truth about socialism you want to stand in line for two and a half days to get a roll of toilet paper go to Venezuela I mean it's never ever ever worked anywhere on planet earth and the Democrats will tell you that's only because they were running I'm sorry you know I I I look at what the Democrats have done in two thousand nineteen and I don't mean again to be ugly toward anyone but if you look at what the Democrats have done and not done in two thousand nineteen you have to step back and save yourself why would anyone want to be a Democrat yeah I agree at that but I also think it starts out you know with the with the younger kids and then in the ninth circuit court years ago said that it's not the parents responsibility to determine whether or not are are what what what a child is taught at school it was the judiciary judicial well there was the center court taking responsibility of a child being tried out of the parenting and and putting that into the public schools and I'm the Dutch it it just a downturn education I mean the kind of Jimmy is I mean if anything if anything but she should be called Hitler or not use it should be the Democratic Party and the brown shirts you're you're absolutely right by the way when trump started talking about breaking up the night circus court of appeals which is one of the largest courts around age is way too big a Democrats absolutely lost their minds and by the way the ninth circuit court of appeals is the most overturned court in America because they get it wrong so much in again when when everybody's in the tank politically for one side or the other the only people that lose are you with me absent two thousand nineteen year in review from your perspective along with the Westwood One news correspondents in their reports we'll do that next I'm Rick Roberts on red eye radio for.

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