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Comments over the summer about how you know playing in your home province is always a mets bride of of flanked the toronto maple leafs but he did say today and he walked back some of those statements afterwards are over the summer but did say to be honest it's not a my aunt mind at all i know that in the interview over the summer kinda turned some heads and return some questions but the bottom line is i want us stay in la that's my home that was my favorite t my entire life growing up the organization is the best organization it hockey in my opinion we still have a great team a great core group and i don't want to leave la also liked another quote from him out talking about how to defend because this is a leaf team they can score are learning how to defect the kings have been a team that built two stanley cups in their ability to check and defend and he set defence just comes down to willing to compete at both ends of the fox willing to sacrifice her body and blocked shots and getting in lanes and just eating to get scored on that emotional quotient is something that really runs through courses through drew doughty's veins now let's move from doubted eject mazar news playing well to start the season had kind of an off your last year enters tonight with a six game points 3 yet jake muhsin is is somebody were his success really originates from his played his own when he is checking well and what he's playing well route his own net builds the confidence at his own game turns into a good transition game and he's able to find that success in the offense at zone you know he spoke about earlier today talking about toronto there are good rush team so our gaps have to be tight we need good back pressure from our forwards when i think of that i think if i follow cho petard brown really good copa tarp back check during fouronfour play also us shortly ever leave after the a powerplay expired for the toronto maple leafs stole the puck from oslo matthews as well so.

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