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The that was the basis and the progressives gone to for the most part i'm working on nothing's 100 percent but for the most part they don't buy into that the is when in fact unaffected a wanna buy into that all at the end of the day when the shopping done in the dust settled uh every man and is given on alienable rights an every man as equal and will not be a subject or low warded over as they were during that time not not only by the church of england as the theology by the church of england as a general government they didn't want that and that's the obvious in in the constitution that's all of using the declaration of independence so i i don't think we're ever going to go back to that i think we're gonna i think the progressives would light for us to go forward to a hugo chavez style venezuela and by the way if you want to know what venezuela's like christ standing in line for two and a half hours to get a row what toy or like paper and they'll let you know the government that is not what you know when you can use your electrcity to wash clothes baker dinner or read by one table white i mean it's obvious socialism as great until you run out of somebody else's money and then you're spruyt it's just that simple it's jug you know i wasn't i wanted to say that saw russia wisdom to this talk show host carefully socialism is quite honestly nothing more than the rest stop on the highway to communism that's what it is socialism is just a pause before you go to full blown kick out the gms communism and how's that communism worked out for people thus far our worked out pretty good no i wouldn't say so i wooden safer all right uh we need to do were to do a little business in that we're going to come back and take your calls of course eight six six ninety red eye that's eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty nine and by either way again if you wanna find me and yell at me and say no i don't agree with you then you can do that the two two five in the afternoon some for bonn at wbap i do their afternoon drive uh but you know the last caller was correct.

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