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South center sandals and the gang saturated areas. Or what time. I worked over five continents in over twelve different countries such as egypt. Turkey australia mexico peachy the maldives greece. I just gotta go david lozano. Thank you for calling out one last candidate who last second and put them on. This'll be the last one. David alexander bramante. Hey thanks for having me call in real quick. You gonna have us about why you should be governor right. Yeah i was opposed to these mandates long before it became fashionable When i've seen the guys in the debates i've i've debated a lot of these candidates they've been really wishy washy on the mandates. I'm the only one in the voter guide you know that got printed out months. Ago months ago i've been against the mandate since day one. That's the main reason i'm running. I'm based out of calabasas here in los angeles area. I've got three young kid them born and raised la The false starts of restarting and stopping and closing businesses and soccer and baseball. It just complete insanity and ellie thinks it's great for leading the you know leading the charge with the vaccine passport west. Hollywood already kind of rolling out with the city council. So i'm the only one that's actually. Fighting the city council. I filed petitions against them or filing lawsuits against them separate from that. I'm pro gun pro property rights. I've been in commercials for over twenty years. I started buying real estate when i was nineteen years old. Hi thanks very much chop what we're just out of time. David alexander scott. Half the people in the yeah. I know there was a sudden rush. I make sure you vote. Yes on the recall and vote for somebody got more coming up. John and ken kfi. John can't shut down. Kfi am six forty five everywhere on the iheartradio app by the way just to cut off conspiracy theorists have Larry elder called in. We would have put them on but he he did not. We didn't put out the word to anybody Chess claiming that no no. I just figured there would be okay. That is true. Sticking larry elder he appeared over the weekend with rose mcgowan rose. We gallons and actress remember that. Tv show charmed that ran for a number of seasons anyway. She was one of the big accusers of harvey weinstein and back in twenty seventeen says. They tried to pay her off. She says she was sexually assaulted by harvey weinstein and she emerged just last week in this recall campaign to support larry elder and to also say that the wife of gavin newsom jennifer. Cybele newsom basically tried to riper invited her for a conversation about What she needs to make her happy. And apparently mcgowan's claiming an attorney who has represented harvey weinstein. His name's david. Boyce was also involved in this somehow. So larry's part of the campaign not only because she supports him but because the allegation. Here's the short governor. Deputy do response to that allegation. Those allegations are outrageous and also says everything you need to know about his campaign. I had heard this morning that he called foundation lewis. Yes i saw that too. That was another clip which which of course is just one of those bizarre words instead of saying it never happened but something happened. I think rose mcgowan is not completely be hard to make up the fact that She was contacted did meet unless she's completely delusional in mentally. Ill the idea time. I've wondered that because i've read some of her tweets and stories and she sometimes seems a little. You know the thing wants to unhinge. I mean if you remember. Gloria allred daughter. Lisa bloom was also working on behalf of weinstein as well. So there's a lot of these people and andrew cuomo just had t- to people were defending andrew cuomo and we're trying to help his answers over his problems with women and where one of them was trying to smear women and one of them is involved. In time's up and the other one was involved in a leading Gay rights activist group so a lot of the times. These people you see on the public stage or just phonies you know they're. They're getting their notoriety in their money by standing up for somebody civil rights some group and in reality if one of their buddies gets in trouble. They're working behind the scenes to Despair the victims. We should put out the denver site. They'll newsome was involved in the filmmaking business. Harvey weinstein's a big player. So yeah it might be a desire to help him out. So and what's out of the question and one of the biggest democratic donors on all levels to exactly right so all those things make it very possible. Conway's hey now that's good to know. Yes i wish. I had that kind of support system right where you screw up in nine thousand people support. You help you out you. You get nothing right. Nothing man phone never rings when you know going Tim lins coming out with the x. Ktla pilot and you could talk about the flight restrictions that are going to be around because of barack on sorry joe by rock on joe much. Yeah long beach. And there's a thirty mile restrictions. Restrictive zone sat right. Yeah i can't fly. And i think it covers lax too. I think the i think. La belong beach in lax. are affected by this Petro's is coming on your petro's to talk about the clay hilton the Football coach on man. He was two games into it. They fire him well. He was here for seven years. But forget about that and then you wonder why they bothered having come back. I think they had a strong finish last year and they thought he was onto something. But saturday's i watched a little bit saturday's game was embarrassing ohio. I'm one of the greatest women i've ever met. He used to be the head of marketing for knotsberry farm. It's got now with. She's retiring after thirty or forty years. Their rate is twinned. And you're gonna love this Interview with her at eight o'clock. And then steve. Gregory went out to that that thing. Yesterday larry elder and rose mcgowan. Who on talk that all right. Full show helios back and man. She loaded me up. That's right you vote yet. Yes i voted about a month ago even before voting rights my well i voted and i sent it in then tracked it because you know by the way real quickly. I've noticed over the weekend when somebody says i'm not into conspiracy theories the next thing they lay on you as a heavy conspiracy theory this disclaimer. Sane here's something right. Bring it on dog. come on. we've got the news. Kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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