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Get six. Oh what then. We followed these videos for a little bit we. I am looking Adam as much now on youtube called. It's it's a channel called news from Wuhan And you WANNA see some scary videos man. You look that up because right in the heat of when the all that stuff was taking place if you did have a face mask on we literally mean brand and watch the video of this lady getting drug out of her house and thrown in. It looked like a big cooler. This is a big fridge in the back of someone. I don't think it was rated. Hopefully but they throw in this. I mean it's like a I don't know if there was two or it was on youtube but it looked like a snapshot it was on. I think a SNAPCHAT I. Yeah but they throw in the back of this cooler and the other day I just watched a video of all these cops and it looked like People were trying to escape their quarantine. And all these cops were beaten them and spraying. We're GONNA actually. I've got the picture. We'll post it on instagram. So everybody can see it. There is someone who attacks on the Chinese plane the other day. 'cause he wasn't wearing a mask in la bad they get the the old police. Oh involved though You know and it's just people were going crazy and especially like countries that have. It's different for us because we have a country that has weapons and we have the ability to fight against. You know the police no sense but I don't even know what's going to happen soon. Be Crazy I don't necessary par railway. We don't know what rights do. I have debt forgiveness when it can't go to work and I can't pay my mortgage loans and my bills. Are they gonNA forgive me for that? Is the economy in a crash. There's already been a toy guns the layoffs from the you know from the Tourist Industry Chambal. Yeah Yeah they've already do the. Nba cancelled a all. Those people are going to work the season no jobs. I have a buddy of mine in New York who works convention setting up convention and stuff like that cancelled everything. Everything cancelled right now. He's out of a job. How is he gonNA pay for his for his mortgage or or his brand or his bills? you know. That's the reason why they held off so long but at the same time I said I said this weeks ago and I told my fiance. Listen we're going to start preparing. She's going to be that serious. I said yes before. All this broke out that I was here in the states. I said this is prepare and we started buying groceries. We start buying supplies and thank God. I was able to get toilet. Paper paper raised by day. Who Yeah just just clean your ass in the shower man with A. I'm just GONNA take a shit in bath up and just you know to stop it down the drain hose just going to spray it in their water back. It's IT'S GONNA be mass hysteria. I'm really upset about March madness. Now I'm not GonNa lie to you. Where are we going to say? Say if you look at what you know. It's funny because I still think it's a big of a deal. But if you look at trump's You're quoting trump's like at the beginning of this two now and. I told this to Michael Today. I saw that I was like it's just one dude from China not a big deal and then as January twentieth. And now it's march ninth and he's like this blindsided. There's no one. No one knew this is going to happen and it was just ironically funny. Because it's like everyone's been seeing it. Everyone's watching the same thing. Go Down so everyone knew Scott happen. Didn't they ask him about why he dismantled like a health hand? The pedantic thing he dismantled had a lot of people and they're not working you guys talking about Trump disbanded the pandemic yet the rookie. They did the when he did his emergency address. They were asking him questions afterwards and they asked him this question. Gut The why did you go? It's called the pandemic situation group or something like that right I don't remember the exact name for it but he shut it down. Originally they just had like so many different members they had like five hundred before But he was just trying to lower down lower down maybe but he decided he just was like. Yeah I don't WanNa have it running because you know we don't know when it's going to happen? So why do we want people just paid? They're doing nothing. I thought he said I don't know anything about that. So that's what I heard. He did say that he was like. I don't know what you're talking about lake you should probably know about why dismantle something did well. It's probably like that's like saying it's like posting something on Instagram. Someone yelling at music. Why did you post like well? Heck I don't know we post weird stuff on there all the time you know again. He's a puppet Doodoo. That's the thing that's why it's all control. Then it's all controls the narrative already written and that's why again this is relation right so there's certain things that are in a program the so the reason you all that there isn't real well when you have a program there certain these you can't do within that program unless you're the program right so it's like oh well. Why can't I do this because it's part of the program? You're not allowed to do that right. So it's like that's my argument against it. So how how tight are the Hollywood execs higher ups in Hollywood and filmmaking and all connected to the Rep Chilean's like who in your mind so like Harvey Weinstein? Can you just got sentenced to twenty three and they just came out this week. Tale of rape of two coreys about that one the rape of two cores so Corey Feldman. Did you ever see the movie loss? Boyce? No It's a great movie though. You should watch the movie but basically the it was to get kids back in the eighties And they grew up and they were the ones talking before anybody else was talking about the pedophile rings and like Harvey Weinstein. They were one of the first people or the one of them died. But one of the Corey's was one of the first people to talk about pedophilia in Hollywood And so he came out with a movie. This week called the rape of two coreys and he was going to name the person that he said was like a big name Hollywood that was going around raping everybody the guy from the goonies. I think one of I think one of them was in the guineas. Actually Corey Feldman Corey. Feldman thinks his name. You ring a bell. I want to look him up. You'll know you'll know when you see goonies but basically it was when they released video. Which was really weird at first because it kept getting shut down like he said. They're under a hacking attack or something. So other loonies. Yeah Yeah but Anyway it came out it was Charlie Sheen. According to according to Feldman Charlie Sheen was raping a bunch of boys back in the eighties. Don't believe that now. I believe I believe it. Why and again. 'cause PEDOPHILIA GOES I. It's much deeper. It's got deeper roots than just touching little kids and again it goes deep again into until they. WanNa talk say in ISM and the author of my book out of this anyway. What were you gonNA say? I was just going to ask for the reptilians onto it after a while billions involved with just the elite elites or do they touch base with all of these always higher ups at carbons like. Yeah. Yeah yeah get the you get the kids or however they talk. So let's talk about Jeffrey Epstein. So I I believe I believe they are. There's a hierarchy there and the the messed up part of all this. Is that Jeffrey left right. Jeffrey quote unquote killed himself. There was somebody pulling the strings as soon as he killed there. Was Somebody already put on the screen and somebody already replaced him right. Who replaced him? I don't know right but I'm still down there up in overlords. I don't I don't know again what what happened. The day before nine eleven. Donald Rumsfield came on. Say Listen. We're missing two point three trillion dollars from our budget. We're GONNA don't audit guess. What the next day nine eleven. Nobody ever brought up the two point three trillion dollars that they were missing were the how did it go while we don't we don't know man? I'm sorry no it's like there's that type of stuff so what was it. What was it when when Jeffrey Epstein comes up what what happened after that Old World War three Iran? It's what happened after that. All the impeachment of trump. We're GONNA impeach for no reason. They had no reason. I didn't vote. Vote you know. They had no no reason to be able to impeach him. And then that was You know that went to win. Then what's what's going on now? The Kobe right. So what are they distracting us from? It's the monkees man's. He's I'm telling you I mean if they if the woman the woman flu was supposed to be like I think when you're looking at Michael about bats being carriers of it. Maybe the monkeys are going to be infecting everybody else with everything else now. Purple Her star Beast. But that's just the tasks that's the test monkey. So let me tell you something real quick. We don't know this is a bioweapon up and we don't know what it does in the fourth and fifth stage. They're saying that people can get reinfected. Check this out. How how we don't know anything about this. How does this affect this with mosquitoes? Will Mosquitoes Bite you? They take a little bit and they injected into. That's malaria spread right right. So how did you think there's going to be other viruses that come about because of this? It's already did. Did they already have. They already have already. Mutated after a mutated so again. I don't know I trust my immune system. I've been thinking Taken immunotherapy you know vitamin C. Vitamin D. Go out to the Sun. Be They say you know the latest. I heard as if you're out in the sun you don't get it. That's nice the heat. The here's why actually just bought a bunch of immunity. Deepak it so I think I'm okay I don't need any top emergency like candy I have a kind of. We're almost the rap of time. But I have a very serious question. I need your. I need your honest opinion. How do you feel about birds? Are they really want it? I'm sorry yeah. How do you feel about tiny small birds that are on the power lines that are hanging out in the state of emergency? How many birds do you see when the government shutdown? How many birds did you not see? I WanNa Kinda. How do you feel about? We'll say I don't feel like I've seen as many but I do hear them rant. I'm just asking if you about these. Birds Brandon Brandon listened. I've never seen any baby pigeons. I'll just say that I'll just say I. I don't know I've never seen any fees. They're all adults. I you make a good point. I don't know birds are fake. Maybe just pitch hitchens. There's a lot of pigeons do pigeons and I've never seen a baby pigeon. That's just me. I don't know that's just not the monkees gone. A monkey's are probably faked. Animatronic no listen. Listen I had marks on my show. Mark Sargeant Great Guy. I went to Kennedy Space Center. Dude I looked up at the spatial and I told my friends. I said I said Bay. This is a lot of work standing in the middle of the policy. This is a lot of work for a tabby fake guys..

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