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In today's episode is this is a big day for us mark your were on the regular soared and scale feed the big podcast because we're covering the season finale of certain skill season four and in those in the finale is an episode about a guy name austin har roof hooley by the way who's on this podcast it's a true crime podcasts loyd who's who's mike boudai yes mike buddha who was listening hiv he might lose day this is a very big time party gallagher hard korea's his is podcast certain scale that the main hero is like usually in the top twenty occurred omar globalization you that i will they fascinated i have listened to a two guys we fucked the yacht cruise that are notice for the first time was number one yup posts for a couple of days right and that's not a true crime though no this is one predator the truth two this is the guy this is my guys we fuck but this is about a guy who ate some faces yes so we're we're going to give you a have record rugged faulkner we'll give me a little quick rundown actually mark or lots of that double entendre there to to a while to stay away from that it's okay i'm flirting with married women that should be the that'll be the subtitle of this show okay okay what party who have a hard out because your your bigs i do have a hard on you and i have never discussed be catching your husband with my wife after one of those events to have we ever discuss that no you're looking at me now yeah well i wasn't her how our has my yeah my husband and his wife get along great yeah and and mark and i we get along great exactly yes what was the name of those baseball players who switched wives to remember this years ago i'll be death before your guys how yeah look at her face like now i get getting urgent goldeneye wary hour let's get into it there is a shin eia twinstorey google it.

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