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To vote on any additional relief measures until July at the earliest for his part president trump continues to chart his own course by encouraging Congress to cut taxes we will be going for a payroll tax cut while also repeatedly endorsing increase spending also in Washington today the house Judiciary Committee hosted a hearing with both George Ford's brother in the house police chief testifying Houston police chief rather testified on policing practices and law enforcement county building the loan is Floyd described how his family felt with video surfaced showing the death of his brother I'm tired I'm tired of paying you feel when you watch something like that when you watch a Big Brother well you looked up to for your whole life dia di bigger boys mom George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day the younger Floyd vowed to do everything possible to ensure that his brother did not die in vain this afternoon Houston mayor Sylvester Turner signed an executive order that prohibits chokeholds the mayor had outlined this order during Floyd's funeral yesterday it requires de escalation limits no knock warrants outlines the use of deadly force and lays out what officers should do if they witness another police officer using improper force the mayor also announced the city council's unanimous approval of a balanced budget Texas Southern University is offering George Floyd's daughter G. on a full scholarship T. S. use board of regents says the university will prepare a place for miss Floyd if she wants to attend college there the chairman of the T. S. U. foundation says the scholarship will be privately funded one of the fired Minneapolis cop charged George Ford's death is no longer behind bars Thomas white is the first to be released after posting bail his attorney Blake plans to ask to dismiss charges at his next hearing it's now nine oh three healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson is moving faster than expected on a coronavirus vaccine it plans to start testing healthy volunteers next month the vaccine is only one of five sided by the trump administration as most likely to work first place mass and now health assessment United is at least the second airline to tell passengers they need to answer questions before flight the checklist includes if they have any corona virus symptoms in the past fourteen days or have been exposed the Iowa state fair appears to be one of the latest victims of the pandemic organizers say they broke their heart broken to cancel it for the first.

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