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It is the commander in chief who ultimately makes the decision where to send people why to send them his own son served. It is not his fault. There was a terrorist attack but every commander in chief knows that they are the ones who send the military so that hangs heavy in their heart. The mccollum family went to delaware on sunday to receive riley's caskets. It was too difficult for me to speak really to any of the other families but he died hero and he died doing what he wanted to be doing. And i can't ask for any more than that. The mccollum family now one of thirteen families. Grieving marine corps sergeant johann. -i rosario staff sergeant darren taylor hoover marine corps. Corporal hunter lopez marine corps corporal. Degan william taylor page marine corps lance corporal. David espinosa navy corpsman maxon soviak marine lance corporal. Jared schmitz marine corps corporal. Umberto sanchez marine lance corporal dylan merola marine lance corporal. Kareem nicoli army staff sergeant nas marine sergeant nicole g. She was just twenty three years old featured in a defense department photo cradling and afghan baby posting.

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