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Amanda and laura's tried to find the spurs because she was the first person we found who posted anything on facebook about one of the most bizarre fake news stories of 2016 pizza game laura in amanda have been investigating the story for months working with our team at reveal in the nonprofit newsroom the investigative fund amanda is writing a piece for rolling stone magazine soap amanda can you explain what the conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory as that hillary clinton and her democratic underlings and colleagues are running as sex trafficking rang out of the basement of a pizzeria called comet ping pong pizza area and northwest washington d c one of the many problems with the conspiracy theory is there is no basement and the fbi three ah the theory is telling us okay laura we've heard about lots of fake news stories and lots conspiracy theories why did you guys decide look into pizza gate well first of all we know that pizza gate was one of those fake news stories may have affected the outcome of the 2016 election and everybody may not remember this part but for a fake news story pizza gay got really real because a guy who actually believed it went to that pizza shop in washington dc and he shot a gun yeah i remember knows her but this was still huge story right so we wanted to know was there somebody who planted the story and why would they do that and the first clue you guys head was cats facebook post it went up on october twenty knife ten days before the election laurel wanted to read some of that polls force okay it says my nypd source said it's much more vile and serious we're talking an international child enslavement and sex ring not even hillary's most ardent supporters and defenders will be able to excuse this exclamation point profiles.

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