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Yup our listeners may not know that diana has this wonderful tradition of sending out some reflection questioned around the new year each year. Which is something that she's going to share with you this time because they're really nice to start the new year to reflect back on the old year so we just picked a few. I have twenty this year for twenty twenty. And if you want the full batch you can get them through my instagram account at dr dianna hill. So let's start with a real actually one. Which is debbie. What values did you pursue. Most in twenty twenty. Well i think there are really to one. I think being a psychologist beating someone in mental health. My work felt really important right now. Because there's so much suffering in the world of may think it's time for us to take care of one another and i've just worked with people who have been through so much Healthcare providers and parents and people who are just don't have as much social connection. So i think my work and then also just that family time you know. We've joked on the podcast before A lot of family togetherness. If you're you know in the house with your your family Most of the time. As i am. And so i think the silver lining not sugar coating the pandemic. Believe me. But i think just having that time together actually was really nice in terms of my values of quality. Time with my family. Yeah i think that your values really also showed up in some of episodes that you chose this year. And i'm thinking about the to healthcare episodes in how much you cared about doing. Those in a way that were supported for healthcare workers and Sometimes you can take a peek at what we're doing on this podcast as a window into what each of our two co hosts really care about. As right we picked episodes. We want to do because we care about them absolutely. Okay here's a question for you diana. What three books inspired you..

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