Lisa Murkowski Is Turning Out to Be a Real Snake


Let's start by talking about Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. We use some Murkowski is turning out to be a real snake. First of all, she helped to orchestrate a ranked voting system that is taking a Republican state like Alaska and handing it off to the Democrats. Why? Because when you have multiple people in the same race, the ranked voting system doesn't mean that the party that gets the most votes. In fact, Republicans got 60% of the vote and yet the candidate Sarah Palin lost or Democrat Mary peltola. Now, in a new development, a very disturbing, Lisa Murkowski has endorsed Mary for peltola. The Democrat and Mary beltola has turned around and endorsed, so she's endorsed Mary for beltola for Congress and Mary pelto does turn around and endorse Lisa Murkowski for the Senate. Why? Because Kelly shabaka, who's been on this podcast, now I think two or three times has been giving Murkowski a run for her money. She is quite possible that shabaka will pull this off and Murkowski is running scared, so she's basically trying to corral some democratic support to neutralize the fact that Republicans are going to vote for her.

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