'It's the reflex': Veteran helped disarm gunman at gay club


A club goer at the gay bar in Colorado Springs where 5 people were killed Saturday night credits his army training for helping subdue the shooter but wish as he could have stopped the massacre sooner rich fiero did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan It was at club Q with his wife daughter and Friends He was called to action I just knew I got into mode And I needed to save my family And that family was at that time everybody in that room Police say the shooter had several guns including an AR-15 style assault rifle Fiero grabbed the shooter's body armor then pistol and beat him with it And I'm on top of him I'm a big dude man This guy was bigger And I just kept wailing on him A hero in the eyes of many but not his own There are 5 people that I could not help That includes his daughter's boyfriend Raymond green Vance fiero credits another club goer with helping subdue the suspect 22 year old Anderson Lee Aldrich who remains in the hospital I'm Julie Walker

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