John Berlau Describes Sam Bankman-Fried's Well-Connected Family


Bikeman free. I mean, this is, let's start with him. And I love your analysis there with a theranos issue which, by the way, I think is we are taping this is getting has been sentenced to prison time and all for what was going on with that. But I think it's an interesting analogy. How did someone of his age and I'm not taking back from age? I got no problem with somebody with great ideas. I don't care what your age is making a lot of money and but how did it go in a special industry such as this? Besides the democratic donor base besides some of the other stuff that they were throwing out a lot of money it places. One, how did he gain the money? I guess the thought that many people have. And then how did it become so quickly marketable in the political world? And then because there's reports that, you know, this issue has, you know, Ukrainian legs back to democratic donors. I mean, there's just all kinds of things going on here. Give us a little in front about him if you can. Right. Well, he is a pretty book smart guy and also smart at making social connections, but there's a saying knowledge doesn't even equal wisdom. But it also certainly helped the fact that he had prominent parents that his name is Sam bankman fried Barbara fried, headed to Silicon Valley pack that gave to democratic donors. And. Also his father, Joseph bankman, helped, according to fortune, draft tax legislation for senator Elizabeth Warren. So, I mean, basically Kevin O'Leary, mister wonderful on Shark Tank said, well, of course I trust him because his parents are compliance attorneys, but something to the effect. I'm paraphrasing what could go wrong. That's like trusting the biker with all the ingredients and never watching because nobody ever would think the biker would put something in there, you know? Exactly. Trust but verify as Ronald Reagan said in everything in politics and in business.

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