Desperate for Oil, Biden Turns To Venezuela


If you haven't heard the news yet, the vitamin administration is now going to allow Chevron big American oil company to pump oil out of Venezuela. So what's unusual about that, you might say, is, well, the fact that we had previously been sanctioning Venezuela because we have repeatedly accused the regime there of being a dictatorship. You see, we have recognized a totally different politician and totally different guy Huang Guaido as the real president of Venezuela. So now we're doing a deal with Nicolas Maduro. And the reason we're doing it, let's be honest, is because we have to. We absolutely have to. I am a realist and I've said all along, it really hasn't made a ton of sense to treat Venezuela like such an enemy in light of the fact that they're so close to us. I mean, let's just go back to the Monroe doctrine for a second, right? They're right here in our hemisphere. You're talking a few hours from Florida and for some reason we've treated them in a more hostile way than we treated Russia until recently. In a more hustle way than we've treated countries like Iran. So why the change now? What's so special about this moment in time? Well, oil prices are through the roof. And it just so happens that this week they're likely going to go even higher because now these sanctions we are putting on European countries and others Vis-à-vis Russia, they're going to go into effect. And that means you're going to have even less energy on the market. And so what do they do? Well, they get all this oil sitting down there in Venezuela, and it's getting sold anyway, frankly, illegally on the black market. I've walked you through this whole triangle before. Because you're a Caribbean island where they switch the flags on the ships, and then those container ships filled with oil, go over to Asia where again, they switch the flags and then they go eventually to China. My sources have walked me through this and I've walked you through this. The oil is making its way onto the global market in one way form or another.

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