Larry Taunton Talks Voter Fraud


Welcome back, talking to Larry Alex Staunton Larry. We've seen such unprecedented things. The voting fraud. I think because we didn't get the red wave, we might have been hoping for. I think it's a good thing because I think it is forcing more people to realize, wait a minute, this is genuinely rigged. No one believes John fetterman grunted his way to victory. Nobody believes that Carrie Lake lost. Nobody could really honestly believe that Joe Biden won. I mean, it doesn't make sense and you're looking around and you think like something rotten has entered our political life and the folks who don't like pro American figures, whether it's Trump or Carrie Lake or Doug master yano, that they will do literally anything to keep them out of power and that they've simply taken election fraud or whatever it is manipulation to a new level and if we the people don't wake up to this. If we don't go to bat against this stuff, it's over. We have no America. Yeah, well, let me just say something very, very quickly, a little anecdote your listeners might appreciate. What an impressive lady Carrie Lake is. I say that Georgia maloney, the new prime minister of Italy, the populist candidate is the Carrie Lake of Italy. I mean, Carrie Lake is just a powerhouse, but I was with you at Mar-a-Lago and we're sitting, I don't know if you remember this, but we're chatting in the lobby and you look over my shoulder and you say, hey, hey, there's the next governor of Arizona. And I turned and looked and it was Carrie Lake.

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