Supreme Court Greenlights the Release of Trump Tax Records


Going on here. I mean, you look at what's happening here with the Supreme Court, just this week now saying that they're not going to block a House committee from getting their hands on those tax returns, which is apparently kind of a final defeat, right? Because the president and former president have been trying over and over and over again to prevent this from happening, his argument has been all along that this is a political witch hunt. They're trying to use this for political purposes and they're not going to stop. I mean, it's amazing how much he has angered the other side. I think it's political enemies are hoping that they can somehow prove this conflict of interest between what he had going on within his business and what he was doing as president of the United States. And if they can prove that, they can sort of point the lines to a money trail that may somehow indict him in some way. I mean, we're standing the fact that so many of these presidents have really kind of maximized the whole money trial thing. After the fact, of course, I guess in their defense, it was after the fact, right? So whether it be Bill Clinton getting all kinds of deals and setting up the whole Clinton global initiative after the fact it was after the fact, I would still argue that it's pretty murky. It's pretty suspicious. Some of the relationships and the money that has changed hands within that whole CGI environment, but they're trying to suggest that the president was using his office for financial gain. If they could prove that, then that would be a pretty big win for the Democrats. And should theoretically completely exclude him from being able to run again in 2024, which is the plan right now because you heard him the other night, he announced his candidacy. I would say, and if you look at some of the polls right now, he's way ahead. I've told people this before I do think that if he is successful with being able to go through with this run, I mean, if the Democrats don't take him down on these fraud charges, then you're probably looking at the Republican Party, nominee, being Donald Trump, because the base loves him, and it would be very hard for, say, Ron DeSantis or any of the others to kind of come out of the woodwork and take the mantle, so to speak from Donald

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