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You could play baseball without even leaving your house. You could you could program baseball Bill Jones team. We'll talk about that at 10 o'clock tonight, between now and then we've got so much jersey to talk about. You would think there were over 300 people descend upon the State House. That you would get the message and not passed a bill that would force mandatory vaccinations for the Fluto all Children going to New Jersey schools. Hopefully they get that message. Dennis Malloy is blogged about it and j Wanna 15 dot com. The rally was started the Statehouse 11 o'clock this morning and basically its opposition to a bill eliminating the religious exemption for any childhood vaccinations. This bill a 45 76 and the state Senate bill as to 907 intended to make every student from preschool through college. Get a flu vaccine as a condition for entry to school and to avoid additional outbreaks of the cove in 19 pandemic, the two main sponsors from Dennis's Block Herb Kind away from Burlington, Andrews Wicker from Middlesex. Uh, really want this? I don't want this. How do you feel about it? I heard Jeffrey Bill talking about it and get anybody there that wanted it either for me is not about How you feel about vaccinations, but I want to hear your feelings as well. But it's also just how you feel about the government. Forcing you to inject something into your Children's body. There is no guarantee of working. I I mean, you know, the smallpox, the measles. I'm okay with those because they do the job. For the most part, you know, they do the job. I wouldn't want my son have polio. Sam was a good thing. My mom and dad didn't believe in the vaccinations. This. The idea that you know the flu shot. It's a crap shoot every year Did they get the right strains that they happen to hit at this time is the one that's going to tell. You know that's going to prevent you from getting to flu. How many people get the flu? Anthony take the flu shot. There are all kinds of opinion on the flu shot positive and negative. But the idea that in order for me to get my son's into school, they have to have a flu shot. I vehemently disagree with And how do you feel wanted under 283101.5? Uh, any other thing, too? What does this do like for the pharmaceuticals? How much money are people gonna make off this flu shot? I don't like your CVS. Walgreens get it for nothing. There are some places the charge as much as $50 for the flu shot. But regardless whether you get it for nothing, somebody's paying for it somewhere. My tax dollars are paying for the score. Who are they to tell me that? I have to have to vaccinate my sons with a flu shot in order to get them in. 1 800 to 83101.5. And they're saying that well, you know, they don't want the twinned Emmick. They don't want to deal with the people with the flu and the people with the cove. It screw that to Ben. Again, You know you go up there. And is this the other thing too? Is this the The precursor to forcing everyone to get the Copa vaccine because we've talked about the covert vaccine, and if you You know if it were out there, would you take it? And a lot of people. Said they wouldn't we did a Twitter Paul once and the show's 71% said they wouldn't take it. And how much time are they spending on it? You know the development we keep hearing. How close were you onto the vaccine, like the vaccine is going to save the day. We become like a vaccine oriented country. 1 800 to 83101.5. And you feel about this if you were at the State House today. What was it like? Did you meet anybody? Did you talk to anybody? Uh, you want to talk about it more? We could do this. You know, when you're at the statehouse, only so many people listen to you people who agree with you who are standing next to you. Maybe, like the news crews shoves a microphone in your face for a few seconds here. I'll let you talk. Tell me how you feel about it. Give me the pros. Give me the cons. Do you feel safer? Would you feel safer if sending your child to school knowing that everybody there had a flu shot? And if you're if you've got the flu shot, then doesn't matter what anybody else does know. Wanted under 283101.5. I just hate the idea of somebody, your government telling me that I have to inject my child. With something that is no guarantee of working something that could harm them. Let's talk to our Diane and how one New Jersey what are 1.5? Hi, Dana. Oh, I'm sorry. Hi, Dana. Okay. House. I I agree. I should not be told what I should be putting in my my child body. Absolutely. I will tell you that. I have not given my child we shot for since kindergarten and since you went to public school And she has not had the flu. Do you feel like now You want me to inject her with the potential of having the flow. How many people do you know I have called this radio station, saying As soon as I took the flu shot, I got the flu. You're a lot. Putting two flew in to your own family. My own family. Yeah, it's Oh, I don't agree with it. But again. I don't agree with Murphy there. Well, you know, this is just another another part of the Murphy ISMs. You know, pretty soon we're going to take a vaccine against Murphy. We're gonna get indoctrinated with Murphy. That'll be. We'll get the Murphy vaccine where suddenly you want to pay high taxes, You know, suddenly you'll want to get ready to pay for the plastic in the paper bags. Ah, spoke to Ryan's on the Parkway under Jersey one on 1.5. Ryan. Hey, Dave, how you doing? I just wanted to point out that when it comes to like Walgreens, CVS when they had a.

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