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As well why no viruses another there's a global family of viruses that cause the flu let's understand why they called the flu and why it's always been called colder weather and answers that these viruses going to the respiratory system I say why because they need to grow but they can't grow well at body temperatures which is like in or ninety eight six or thirty seven center great they don't grow well at that temperature they grow at lower temperatures okay so how can you be in the body and grow at a lower temperature managers the respiratory tract is breeding outside they're like oh yeah so what I see well in the winter time dear that it bleeds as much colder so the temperature the average temperature in the respiratory tract is cool then the body temperature and that this is a this temperature is what supports the growth of flu viruses so that's why they come in the winter time and they disappear more in the summertime because the temperature of the respiratory tract is now well within normal because of the colder air so that's number one so don't go outside you'll catch a cold is actually true for a loan level is you know if you if you keep a breezy cooler air the temperature of your respiratory tract is below ninety eight point six gets into the range that's the optimum temperature for virus growth which is much lower than ninety eight sex and so the idea is that the colder the air you breathe the more of the viruses can grow that's a simple that's the simple thing so that's why it's called the cold water plastic comes when it's cold and I say it's a lot nicer to what's what's unique about this one's more aggressive Michael because previous strains and we have all of us have had corona viruses if you've been around here for a few years.

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