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A pop cultural touchstone. Are you aware of what. Jason's who day kiss referred to this as their season of no. But i think if people are listening to its head lhasa podcast. They're down to hear this. And if they're not i would say skip ahead a minute in your in your bond mess. We'll do wrong which i will. I will watch the clock here. He basically said it's their empire strikes back. Yeah of course yeah. And of course there's darkness in empire strikes back and that's gonna lose a hand that he will find out about his father which will be a little bit rough probably going to get into the real father issues and maybe that's what he meant by that fathers. You're going to be put in centerstage. There's going to be a big a confrontation in that regard. I don't know we speculated lot about ted. We've seen it on display with nate. So that's possible. I guess but ultimately they said it in the context of this show. The dark forest doesn't come along at the beginning. And it's not there for the end. It's their smack. Dab in the middle and ted tells the team and i guess there by the audience that this is their dark forest moment there in the dark forest right now so i think it's important to trust the process and keep that in mind right like the show has told us this is their dark forest moment. This is their. That's where they're at right now but the told us that that happens in the middle of things at the beginning or the end and we know it's at three season plant so if this is the dark forest season and some some difficult things are going to still happen. It doesn't mean that we're going to end up that way. And i think we will have good things to come. We'll be dancing with walks Soon to come john. Oh my god. Yes i just i. I'm trying to think of like. I'm trying to think of where where we're going with this. I mean i think that there is. There's a very important conversation that the show is having about like you know. A guy like nate. Who was shown so much unexpected respect and like appreciation as a human being by the coach of richmond. Right that he has this person not only ask for his name but he remembers it and his story across. That season is becoming a taken so seriously that he is given a position on on the coaching staff. And that's happening really quickly. And i don't know if the message here or the thing to export here is necessarily like that wasn't a good thing to do but are there other parts of the process that have been unchecked as it regards. Ted and nate you know. I think like they've they've they've let a lot of they've witnessed a lot of nate's behavior and until this one. Where beard says what he says to nate Like it hasn't really come up in a very direct way. The ted part is very important. Because that's the first question to beard. Beard confronts him as you didn't tell ted did you. And as we have seen throughout this season. Ted laughs when nate says we need a big dog to talk to isaac. I'll do it lasts right in his face and like. Oh you're being serious. Did you know that beard and be. It's like yemen so ted is doing that. A lot of this is happening. Well ted is asleep at the wheel. And i think it's a small thing but in this episode when ted witnesses nate apologize to the team says i feel like i missed something up. Ted's metaphor that he uses his like. This is when you leave the stove on and you pass out too early. After having too many beers while watching citizen kane like such a specific reference that it's clear that is happened and i think it speaks to ted being asleep at the wheel. Maybe ted leaning into the substance abuse like all the things that we know have been happening with. Ted up mean that ted has not been there meaningfully to capitalize or to build on what. He was building with nate season. And we saw look at this season right when net is trying to cy net when nate is trying to slide the thoughts from the teen talk under the door in in the episode make rebecca great again when they're in liverpool and ted is a little bit drunk and a little bit harried about the divorce and he shouts at nate screams at him and runs away. Scared like we've seen what a negative relationship between ten and eight can look like it. It has happened on the show. And i think it's happening right now. With ted's lack of oversight and management nate bullying will so much at the beginning of the season. And ted not doing anything about ted's handoffs hands off style in season one. When it was nate being bullied. Ted had a plan to make roy take care of it. I don't know if ted has a plan this time around. I think this might actually just be dereliction of duty. And not that. He is some grand plan where beard innate will figure out nate's issues on their own without needing to step in like. I definitely think this is a product. I mean nate stepping up and being made the great. The wonder kid was only. Because of ted's issues was only because ten ran off the pitch in fear or sorry in panic. So i think ultimately this is there. A lot of what's happening with nate has to be cast along. What's happening with nate for sure. Ted which is about what's happening with ted. So that's conflict man. That's conflict right here in the season. Because i think like this. Is you know nate continues to behave this way. And if it escalates beyond the latest escalation which you imagine it very well could considering we are up through episode seven of twelve. You know we still got some road here. That like does nate have a job here at the end of the season. Type of deal you know. What is ted's role in in that like are there. You know they're not a question. There are lines that you can't on cross right like you know there are. There are certain things that you can't get pep talked out of you know you can't like pep talk your way out of certain bad behavior. That's just not an option And i'm concerned. I'm very nervous about that. And i think like the way that that that runs in tandem with ted himself feeling a bit adrift. And if for him if the real success for ted is less about like the win loss record in terms of like how the team is actually performing out there in the sport and is more about like the win loss record in terms of the culture of afc richmond. This is a huge huge loss. That is happening right. Now that he seems to be completely unaware of and it's it's got potential to be like very very very prickly the further down the field we get with both of these characters definitely Especially because you can see that for nate. It isn't that he resorts being. Let's just say a little bit harsh or a little bit like the banter that he delivers on the field when he says in front of the guys like i benchpress the other day. Colin like the team. Ause like oh you know. Like nate snapped on him. That's the way it goes. And that's sort of how they responded to his Locker room talk in season. One just like oh yeah. He's got he's got banter. Like nate has the ability to cut at us. And there's a little bit of respect that comes with that it's like okay you can. You can take but you out like we're all on the same page here. But then how personal he gets sometimes. How quickly he can get to that personal and in the wrong context it can. It can seem like it's really headed in a bad direction. So that's the part. That i think is the most concerning when you said could this end with losing his job. I hadn't actually thought of that. I would i will say when he was scrolling through mentions on twitter i thought he was going to slide into the dm's and i thought okay. Here's a guy who's been thirsty. He's been thirsty for the adulation for him. In the way he's described it. That often comes hand in hand with the romantic adulation. I mean i would think. I think it's a little.

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