Wally Hindes, Madero, President Trump discussed on Josh's Trail with Elder Dr. Levon Yuille


Idea of a border wall. Even though Democrats have been holding firm in their opposition. So far, they have said they are for complete border security, and they have finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers fencing or walls, or whatever you wanna call. It will be an important part of the solution will soon see as out of the deal to reopen the government yesterday lawmakers now have until February fifteenth to hammer out a new agreement on border funding or there's a possibility of another shutdown. We get more on that debate. From correspondent Wally Hindes on Capitol Hill, a conference committee made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats has until February fifteenth to work out a deal that the president will sign Republicans will push for money for a border wall. Democrats have pledged to negotiate in good faith, but they'll try. To prevent any border security money from being spent on a wall, if they can't reach an agreement we could face it other shutdown or the president could declare a national emergency and use his presidential powers to bypass congress. That's Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. As a United Nations today, the Security Council takes closer look at the crisis in Venezuela. Skirting analyst Brandon Weicker tells us that Russia China and Cuba in particular heavily invested in supporting nNcholas smudge Oro, which will likely protract the ongoing crisis. So we're going to be in for I think a competition to see who's going to be ultimately the winner in this one. Is it going to be Madero? He certainly has advantages. The military is behind him part of the reason is because the military is infested with Cuban intelligence and paramilitary officers Germany has joined France and Spain now saying it will recognize the opposition leader one Guido as the.

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