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Into the parking lot we were not surprised that the water nearly overtop the median at one point with a doing construction it just click this is something that we deal with down here it's something that you never like to see but it is something that happens it's just have to take precautions but nobody. I think that was so surprising about this was because Tuesday came but not much happened Wednesday came not much happened and then I think a lot of people just. I wanted to take it for granted because after all we don't take anything for granted but after two days of okay we can handle this this was unexpected and the fact of the matter was this was a Wednesday this is not anything with closed circulation which was not anything like that this was a remnant that just don't all this rain on multiple counties in the state of Texas join live this morning by cliff Saunders reporter at radio station K. T. R. H. in Houston if you want by the way you can see some of the stuff he's posted on Twitter he is at radio guy cliff I could help but shake my head of the tweet you shared with this guy floating in the flood waters on. all noodle. yeah I I I I I saw that in somebody had posted that out there look there are a lot of dangerous things out there those flood waters fire ant stakes possibly even a little thing called analogy. they do not want you waiting through floodwaters they don't want you doing it you know what they want you to stay as far away from them as possible unfortunately you had one young man passed away he was electrocuted trying to move his horse you don't you don't know you it's not clear water you can't see what's in it can't see what's underneath and I don't know how many times I've heard stories about people walking through floodwaters and then they have to go to the doctor because all these pirates god I mean I'm looking at this guy he's on his back with the pool little kind of tucked under his arm and he just sort of pushing himself along like he's doing the backstroke or something I don't have any any smiling yeah that was like the funniest thing in the world it and that's what gets you that there are still people who two years after Harvey here in a look at this and start to act like the full finish up here cliff with comparisons to Harvey. a difficult for me to say because you know. Harvey was such a unique thing. but in other parts of the state I know that the winning it chambers county which is not so far away from us the first responders there said what happened yesterday was worse than Harvey a lot of people said it was very comparable here in the city it was bad I don't think it it can measure up to what happened to us in the city when you have parts of the city getting fifty one inches of rain the way we so I I won't go that far but it it really depends on location. thanks for few minutes good talking again cliff Saunders reporter at radio station K. T. R. H. in Houston one of our affiliates twenty minutes now in front.

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