President Trump, United States, North Korea discussed on Global News Podcast - Kenyatta Wins Kenya Presidential Vote


Who was the under secretary of defense policy in the obama administration alex began by asking is this just more bellicose bravado from president trump or all these military options ready to go well i think it's important to note that the korean peninsula's what we in the defense department would call a fight tonight theater you know because it's such a volatile situation every day frankly uh we do have a substantial number of military forces there and they are prepared if necessary to engage in conventional activities when called upon so what the president said wasn't really new uh even if the way he chose to say it was something we don't hear every day when you say that the us has those minute treesolutions in place just to cut through these scale if you can walk woods north korea be facing if it chase to go down a minitry reach uh well a lot depends on sort of how the conflict could potentially evolve you know the forces that we have there we have almost thirty thousand forces on the peninsula and array of ground forces air forces you know we have naval forces in the broad asia area and all of those could be brought to bear if all out war were to break out on the korean peninsula which is something i don't see as likely even with the tensions being very high right now we would need to bring in additional forces from elsewhere in the pacific as well as uh around the world to be able to prosecute on all out war so sort of what we have there now would get a started but we would have to bring in more over time to to fight an allout war against north korea you say you don't think that that scenario an all out war scenario is likely would not will move got this kind of rhetoric from president trump.

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