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So you can see them both out decide on different ends. And and obviously that's the sort of the game that U classes are expecting you to play a past. You'll still have a lot of veterans that are coming back from deployments. A lot of graduates that are coming back, you know to reunite with their classmates. It's a great opportunity to to catch up. Make it an annual thing things become bigger and bigger maybe now with social media, and and other geo tag locations and technology and whatnot. You know, everybody's sort of making the Dakota the army navy game. So when you're when you're player in you understand sort of the of is that are watching you play. It's a little more personal. You know, it's not you know, fans that you never going to meet in your life. It's it's probably fans are going to be working with at some point in your career. So you so you obviously wanted to your best and you want to give them the the pride. And you want to give them the bragging rights for another year that that that our meal, you know, one of the game getting knocked down on the football field makes you tough. But getting back up makes you tougher at Goodyear, we call that determination a willingness to put in more hours more reps and more heart to reach a bar. That's guy because the Goodyear blimp doesn't show up for just anybody. So don't be just anybody. Blimp worthy. Hear more driven. It's almost a decade later, everything you've been through bronze star. You know? I mean, be meddlesome you name it, you you you did it in serving our country. Is there is it ever? I don't wanna see for lack of a term regret. Visit eat at you that you didn't need weren't able to beat navy. Oh, absolutely. I mean, the awards in the medals and all that stuff. You know? I mean, anything Pro Bowl. This is completely meaningless awards. I think about all levels have always been, you know, very subjective. And I I mean, I don't think anybody. That I've been associated with as ever looked at awards or spit in the NFL now know pro bowls, you know, everything is very very controversial. So I I completely understand that. And it's not something that I that. I that I had when I when things but. Yeah. Of course. I mean, we were we were struggling as a program when I was there. I don't think we want more than three games each year. That's unfortunate. I think when I got out of football. I made a lot of excuses of why that happened, you know, and I don't want to mention that. Because I now playing football again. And I understand that make an excuse. The worst thing you can do in the football world. So it is obviously eating me inside. I'm very proud of the football team that was has been able to beat them in the path and record. What's that like the last two years ago? I had a baby. You know, I I mean it brings everybody together bring the program. You know, sort of a lot of, you know, the energy from the from the grads and the energy from most supporters, obviously the atmosphere. Army navy is going to be insane. And that's always really good for the players to understand that. It'd be supported. I think the spirit videos that the army's making are phenomenal. I was watching the one from last year would general Kathleen who's some of that. I deeply admire the sergeant major command hand, I mean, those are very very funny things that not only affect the game itself. But also, he's still a lot of culture from army and from West Point, and and they will spread it, you know, to every member, and then that's pretty special. Well, you better you better special career on the field off the field, and you still doing remarkable things on the gridiron in. And we'll leave you with this. This one story my friend, Mike Mitchell you played with for years in Pittsburgh now with the Indianapolis Colts. You told me a story in Cincinnati new may already know the what the story about the Tel..

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