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Through their workplace and what Amazon did in response that story is on the way right now traffic and weather together on the gates with John wolf well I noticed the backup on twenty is not quite as bad it starts to be west of dowdy ferry which is a significant improvement of last time of twelve minutes westbound twenty four forty five we had old freeway shut down all day but it's still just another gorgeous day today with some passing it's still just the left lane getting through as you get over towards forty five at three ten if you're going southbound on forty five I would say takes out go southbound on dowdy ferry to forty five you're going north out think either dowdy ferry or one seventy five up to loop twelve but it is getting better as I say on the back up Bedford south bound one twenty one road work in the left lane near cheeks Parker and southbound near cheeseburger in the left lane as traffic slow both directions that I said now if you're on the east loop going south bound first we have only the right lane open around Randol mill slowing traffic back to highway ten in the near two eighty seven Martin Luther king the right lane was blocked with traffic slow from berry with only the left lane open if you see something give us a call of the care of the tractive hotline project two one four two one nine ten eighty I'm John wolf unix support coming up at twelve forty breaking traffic alerts when they have another gorgeous day today with some passing clouds will top out into the low seventies south winds returning ten to twenty that'll hold temperatures up overnight tonight along with more cloud cover fifty eight overnight tomorrow about seventy with a sprinkler to during the afternoon and evening maybe some heavier showers south of Dallas and fort worth Friday we warm up into the mid to upper seventy strong cold front brings a chance for some strong storms afternoon into the evening hours high temperatures on Saturday will be much cooler forty seven to fifty six that's it on Saturday with more rain moving back in from the southwest best chances south of I. twenty more scattered showers Sunday with highs in the low to mid sixties I'm meteorologist Dan burn off in the care of the weather right now it's seventy degrees in several areas around the.

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