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Probably miss It's time for Dana's quick five. Brought to you by Caltech. Mm hmm. All right. So let's see her a couple of things that we have all Decker's liver with me. I appreciate it. So the there's Alaska Volcano Eruption sparks a red alert. Volcanoes are this'd is, uh, came out of U. S. G s volcanoes. And this had to do with the great sick in Alaska's great second eruption on Wednesday, prompting the U. S Geological Survey did issue a red alert for the surrounding area because of all of the ash that flew up thousands of feet into the atmosphere, And they said that this volcano activity has picked up this year with places like Iceland. Island of ST Vincent, obviously and in Japan, what is driving the volcanic activity? Million dollar question aliens? No, I don't know. I really don't know. U. S Air force is going to cut turkey from 35 production and this is this is a Thief Service secretary nominee also signals he's not in favor of reducing us at 35 purchases, but they're gonna talk cut Turkey out from that production. On this is, according to the Air Force secretary nominee, Frank Kendall. Turkey was officially kicked out in 2019 under the Trump administration because they instead purchased a bunch of stuff from Russia specifically the S 400 air defense system in 2017. So Turkey's been a brat, and they've been wanting to have it both ways. They want to be in NATO, and they want all these NATO benefits. But at the same time, they also want a cozy after Russia. And so good. I'm glad that the administration is continuing with the previous administration did. This is a good thing. I like this common ground. All good things, right? I like that. That's what we should You know, there. There we are. The New York Times reports that once outraged Democrats are taking a quieter approach. A quieter approach as it relates to migrant Children. That's the That's the headline because all of there is no there aren't the articles are on the deep dive investigations from places like Washington Post were places like New York Times, and it's been noted that the coverage has significantly decreased even though The crossing has significantly increased to an all time high, mild coronavirus cases can lead to anti body protection for life, according to some latest studies. This is a big question that everybody has been having like. Do you have to get booster shots like what is it? But this, according to these studies from Washington University School of Medicine and ST Louis researchers think that the initial reports claiming that the antibodies fade away quickly. They didn't have all the facts. They said that their findings revealed that although the number of immune cells making antibodies drop once the patient healthy, they never actually totally go away. So lifetime immunity. Something to watch. Stick with us..

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