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Brandon flowers might seem like an unlikely embassador from sin city he's perfectly content playing backup at home behind his son gunnar who saw who i we saw each other but i would have been too shy to talk to he and his wife tanna have three boys and she came game your phone number and you still have this piece of paper this is what the says yes you guys have this the actual and i saw that he kept the phone numbers and i kept the paper and if they seem like an unusually clean cut rock and roll couple it may be doing part to their faith i saw video online that you did forman campaign was a call them amorin i'm a mormon i don't go to church because i got nothing better to do on sundays i i really believe it my name is brandon flowers i'm a father husband and i'm a mormon i don't know what my life would be like without it i think i would have been a casualty rock and roll so it saved you for sure as face wasn't flowers blood growing up so was the glitz and grit of vegas definitely are not shy about you know where we're from i still get rush from that rush from the data strip is something that flowers and killers drummer ronnie vanu chee experienced early on my mom worked at caesars carta witches service industries is a big part of this town and it's how a lot of our family make their living still and after high school it's where they found their first jobs and you were doing what here rush on called joseph's brossard and i was a food writer trove a pedicab she's this is the first place we performed stage a corner that two thousand two performance was in a small coffee shop just off the vegas strip probably lasted about ten minutes but it felt like an eternity did and when you left there what we saying i i was totally open to looking for another singer yeah i didn't think that i would do we didn't get a good buy for vegas crowds for a long time the vibe we got was what the hell of these guys doing it is this we played for just about every major label in the us and none of them were picking up on us the president of warner brothers said i didn't have enough sex appeal but the killers had an ace in the hole that song mr bright side guitarist dave kuni came up with a riff that has become instantly recognizable.

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